Is canada falling appart?

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Is canada falling appart?

    For a long time i've been wonderring if canada is falling appart!  The impression is getting stronger as a read the comment on the "official media" like CBC in genral put the word Quebec and scandal or federal investment and you got  a trail of xenophobic comment.

    On the Quebec side the Quebecois or Quebecer care less and less about Canada in the last census over 70% doesn't feel any attachement at all over canada.


    My impression is also comfirm on the political level the "ROC" especially Alberta vote more and more Conservative and the Bloc Québecois is on it 20th year of ininterrupted Quebec political domination! 



    Perhaps a more appropriate question is 
    "When did Canada fall apart?" 

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    Perhaps an even better question would be if Canada fell apart, would anyone notice?


    Either we fall apart, or we fall together.

    No, that doesn't sound right...


    Papal Bull




    which a part fall where?



    The Post had a decent and fair-minded story along these lines. No histionics, a reasoned approach. It's something that we can study and see how a successful split occurred (Czechoslovakia) and avoid the bad cases.

    There is a difference and rather than an ongoing issue with the current arrangement, the split should happen and with an arrangement that more or less works.

    I think both sides of the story are quite tired of the ongoing debate (or whatever you call it) and, with friends from Quebec I can attest to the fact that there's not much of a link culturally and that the ROC and Quebec are already two different countries in terms of mindset. It's not that they hate Canada, they just don't feel really attached to "Canada" at all.


    So can we say that quebec should be something similar of what Hong Kong is to China or be a totally and independant country or even reforme Canada to be an aliance of twelve nations that can be call The Canadians Nations with some level of cooperation in many domaine.