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City State of Montreal


 I've heard sugestions of Toronto becoming a city state, but this is the first time for Montreal. Is it just me or is this a bad idea?


usually I like theoretical debates,

but this one is a dead end as an idea; won't ever happen, no province would cede its economic metropolis, so why discuss?


I'd say it was a surprise that even the National Post would throw a spanner like this in the works at this particular time.

Except it's not all that surprising.


Yes, but what do you expect from Barbara Kay?

She even wants to use this to eliminate La Charte de la langue française.  Slither back to Westmount, you... (trying to think of a nasty enough epithet that is neither sexist, ageist, nor ablist).

And what the F is this????

It ranks 59th out of 60 jurisdictions for liberty

And I've NEVER heard a poll on language with results like whatever the @#$%?& is quoting.


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This piece of 'news' will surely please the Howard Galganovs in this province.

Fact is,this is a ridiculous hypothesis that should never had made print in a 'newspaper'..Wait,was that the National Post?..Oh,nevermind.


Alan, Galganov is no longer in Québec. For quite a few years now, he has been living in Eastern Ontario and persecuting Franco-Ontarians, very few of whom are "separatists", just for sticking up to anglo racists.

Kay is foaming at the mouth.


Here is what that disgusting piece of Upper Westmount filth wrote about global warming: She is every bit as repugnant about lgbtq rights, abortion rights, and women's rights.

Fortunately biology should deal with her in the next few years. No, death is no judgement - fine people I knew such as Madeleine Gagnon, Léa Roback and Michel Chartrand have died, as will we all. But at least we'll be rid of that particularly repugnant example of a hominoid.

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Why read such trash? It only encourages them and adds traffic to their websites.


Forgetting the odious Barbara Kay for a moment, it's funny that the reaction here is so negative, but I can see no reason progressives should not support greater independence of cities from provinces. We want people to have a say in decisions in proportion to the degree to which they are affected by them, do we not? Ultimately, federal and provincial governments are themselves an obstacle to democracy, not a facilitator of it. The more remote government is from the governed, the less input the governed are going to have, if only as a matter of practicality.

I would welcome the city of Kamloops deciding which laws police who are going to be employed here will be permitted to enforce, and which ones they will not.


Normally I'd be the first to agree with that, but this is an attack on Québec from the last of the "Westmount Rhodesians". It can also lead to all manner of unpleasantness.


Yup that would be one of the big ways in which Mrs. Torture consolidated her power:

I was unfortunate enough to be trying to catch buses between Manchester and Liverpool on the morning they amalgamated all the transit, and none of the timetables worked anymore. I found out when we were stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

But why isn't Kay talking about carving up the Lower Mainland? The Port of Vancouver is after all, the largest on the west coast of North America, and handles three times the cargo of Montreal. And to look at the examples of Hamburg and Bremen, the main driver for the old model of city states was international trade.

But somehow I suspect that isn't why she is bringing it up at this particular time. She'll be championing the cause of the Innu and James Bay Cree next, I am sure.

I regularly read the Post. They have had some damned good writers, despite their politics, and unlike FOX News they don't shy away from featuring opinions from the left on occasion. And I think you ignore the opinions of those who think differently at your peril.