Demilitarize McGill!

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Demilitarize McGill!




Today, McGill is engaged in research for the U.S. Air Force building the legal foundations for war in outer space, for defense contractors seeking to optimize the design of attack drones, and in collaboration with army research agencies developing more lethal thermobaric explosives. While unprofitable sectors of the university suffer cuts, partnerships with armies and defense contractors like the Shock Wave Physics Group and the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Lab, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, advance at full speed.

Demilitarize McGill wants to interrupt the university’s history of complicity in war and colonialist violence, by ending military research at McGill.


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This would be a great thing for the NDP's  "McGill" caucus to get behind and raise in the House especially since they would likely have been involved if they hadn't got elected to parliament.