Emotional Welcome For Ex Israeli Captive Schalit in Montreal

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Emotional Welcome For Ex Israeli Captive Schalit in Montreal

Emotional Welcome For Ex Israeli Captive Schalit in Montreal


"...Mount Royal MP Irwin Cotler said Schalit's release after years of unwavering advocacy demonstrated the power of solidarity for a just cause...You inspired a whole country, a whole people, a whole world. Jewry came together in a common cause.

The way Schalit was treated, with virtually no contact with the outside world in violation of the Geneva Convention, Cotler said, contrasts with how Israel, at the same time, respected every international law with regard to the 'Hamas criminals' in its prisons.

'The Jewish value of the sanctity and dignity of life contrasts with Schalit's captors' glorification of terroism,' Cotler said..."


Were there protests? Was Israel's war criminal Cast-Lead/Mavi Marmara Defence Attache Brig-Gen Eden Attias there too, to talk more shit a la that Zio windbag Cotler - to the multitudes? As CO of IAFB Nevatim, and one of the 'dirty 200' list of 'Cast Lead' warcriminals, one wonders why no-one seems willing to raise his crimes here in Canada,..allow me to refresh your memory what these people do...



And as for 'Helmut'...

Shalit Splits Canada


"....The reasons for his being captured were clear. He was unaware of the orders given to him. He was unaware of the territory he was crossing, including the disturbing fact that a backup force was next to the spot where he was captured. He did nothing to save the lives of the other two crew members of his tank. Hanan Barak and Pavel Slutzker died in the event. Then he gave away his weapon without fighting. 'Helmut' is a kind oway of referring to him.

Super-Helmut, Palestinian hero!"

Yes indeed, hope you can catch the show when he comes to your town too!