Ex-students at Montréal Institute for the Deaf speak out about child sexual abuse

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Well, justice delayed is still justice.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/abuse-victims-win-landmark-lawsui... victims win landmark lawsuit against Redemptorist Order[/url]


Seventy men who launched a class action lawsuit against clergy accused of sexual abuse have been awarded compensation.

It's the first time in Quebec that this type of case has gone to trial, instead of being settled out of court.

After three months of deliberation, Superior Court Judge Claude Bouchard ordered the Redemptorist Order of Catholic priests, the Seminaire St-Alphonse and Rev. Raymond-Marie Lavoie to pay $75,000 to each claimant. [...]

According to the decision, the victims can make an application for that amount to be doubled if they believed the abuse suffered and the resulting damage was significant enough that it justifies additional compensation. [...]

Once the victims receive their compensation, the court will also have to determine the amount the Redemptorist Order will have to pay in exemplary damages.



What a piece of work these diabolical people are:

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/montreal-catholic-church-abuse-pl... priests to be prohibited from being alone with children[/url]

Now, if there are priests who can't be trusted alone with children, why aren't they defrocked and reported to the police, you may well ask?

Because this isn't about protecting children.

It's about protected the Church.

François Sarrazin, chancellor of the Montréal Archdiocese, wrote:
"It's important that the church shows it's making an effort and that our society can have confidence in the church and can say 'they did their homework, now they're credible,'" he said.

This bastard certainly did his homework:


Sarrazin said while the church has been rocked in recent years by allegations of sexual abuse of children, those allegations aren't always founded.

"To give [their story] importance, a child can give an account of an incident that isn't always true," he said.

Sarrazin is clearly a master in this field - of giving "an account of an incident that isn't always true".


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Well, any time they see an image like the above they can certainly think to themselves "What happened??  Oh ya, we made some shitty choices is what happened."

"To give [their story] importance, a child can give an account of an incident that isn't always true," he said.

They're still sorting through mountains of prior claims.  And nobody's eager to shovel while it's still snowing.