Fightback against Charest's "Plan Nord"

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Fightback against Charest's "Plan Nord"



Same Palais des Congrès as yesterday - same riot squad at hand - same Liberal government strutting its plan to sell out the wealth of the North - but this time, it's the North which is here en masse (Québec Resistance Network, Innu Power, and others) and saying No!

[url= demos at the Palais des Congrès[/url]


[url= reports.[/url]

There have already been altercations with the riot squad, and at least one arrest.


Wow, lots of good stuff there - thanks, Boom Boom!


Freedom 55

While a little over-dressed for a marathon, the team in the yellow vests manages to stay a few steps ahead of the pack.

plan Nord


BB, is Alliance Romaine participating in the demo today?

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If you have a Facebook account:  (copy and paste into your Facebook search box)

Manifestation contre le Plan Nord


Réseau de Résistance du Québécois


and two groups I've been with since the beginning:


Sept-Îles Sans URANIUM

Alliance Romaine

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Members of Alliance Romaine are there indeed - I know one personally that is reporting from Montreal. Today's demo was posted on Alliance Romaine's Facebook page weeks ago.


The pigs have arrested about 80 of the demonstrators.

Not a day goes by without Charest using his robots against the people. And not a section of the people goes unscathed.

A whole generation will rise up and never forget what it means for a government to serve the 1%.

ETA: Found one link:



90 Arrested At Plan Nord Protest in Montreal


Innu Walk 900 Km to Protest Plan Nord and La Romaine Dams



when I was in Montreal in November there were full-page ads in La Presse supporting Plan Nord, signed by Matthew Coon-Come....

what is that about? have some Cree embraced the project?


Matthew Coon-Come certainly has...


DaveW wrote:


when I was in Montreal in November there were full-page ads in La Presse supporting Plan Nord, signed by Matthew Coon-Come....

what is that about? have some Cree embraced the project?

Yes. You try and figure this out, I can't:

[url=]"Think outside the box"[/url]

In other words:

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In the other thread I posted local Innu opposition to the Romaine Hydro Project - which is part of Plan Nord.

Freedom 55


Resist Plan Nord

Information for Potential Employees


So you’re thinking of finding work in projects that are part of the Plan Nord?

Before you do, there are some facts you should know, and some ethical questions you should ask yourself.There has been substantial opposition to Plan Nord, especially by indigenous Innu communities in the north-east of Quebec. They are demanding that the government recognize their rights to self-determination on the land, which has never been ceded to the Quebec or Canadian governments, or covered by any treaties. On Innu territory, Plan Nord is a violent imposition of development projects on stolen indigenous land. 


Innu communities are protesting the imposition of mega-projects on their territory, which threaten traditional fishing and hunting.

The Innu community of Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam has expressed clear opposition to Hydro-Quebec’s proposed damming of Romaine River. They have voted in two referendums against electric lines for the project passing through their territory, and recently blockaded roads to prevent the construction trucks from getting through. The government responded by sending in riot police and arresting protesters, many of whom were women and elders. Opposition is widespread. There has been strong opposition to Uranium mining in the Côte-Nord region and across Quebec. The risk of radioactive contamination of water is so serious, that dozens of the doctors in the town of Sept-Îles threatened to resign if uranium mining exploration were not immediately stopped. 


More than forty Innu women having been walking for three weeks from their communites to Montreal, to protest Plan Nord projects on their territory.

As one of the women, Selena Grégoire, recently explained why they’re doing the protest walk. “If the Plan Nord goes through, we’re finished. It will damage our territory. I’m doing this for my children, so they don’t lose our way of life, so they can go out and hunt in the forest when they’re older. We have to protest so they recognize our rights.” 


Ethical questions to ask yourself before working for the Plan Nord. 

Does the project you’re working on have the active consent or support of the indigenous people of that land? Are you aware of Quebec’s ongoing history of colonization of indigenous peoples, including in the north? Will your work have any benefits for the people who live in the region, or is it mainly in the interest of corporate shareholders?


This isn’t just a job.

This is colonization and ecological destruction.

Your participation is complicity.


I'm sorry, Boom Boom, I shouldn't really have opened this thread. I should have just posted this news in your original thread. That's the second time I've screwed that up.

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Haven't seen this mentioned on babble yet - major environmental rally in Montreal tomorrow.


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No, U - the more the merrier!! Smile

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Freedom 55 wrote:


Resist Plan Nord

Information for Potential Employees

Good stuff - where's the link?

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Tomorrow's protest has the potential to be a monster - uniting students, the environmentalists, and protests against Plan Nord. Wish I could be there.

Freedom 55

Boom Boom wrote:

Good stuff - where's the link?


I don't know of a link that would work. A friend of mine posted as a 'note' on Facebook, but I don't think it can be viewed unless you're also his FB 'friend'. It's the text from leaflets that were handed-out at the Plan Nord job fair.


the reply to my query above about about Coon-Come and the Cree role was pretty condescending, so I looked it up myself:


I was asked to give you a short lecture today on the impacts of the Plan Nord on the youth and how it relates to education, entrepreneurship and culture

The Plan Nord will have an impact on these issues but also on our way of life in general.  The Plan Nord may be around for the next two or three decades but its impacts will be felt for many more decades and it will affect our way of life and that of future generations.

In principle, the Cree support the sustainable development of the North.  They also support the Plan Nord, on certain conditions, and they are committed to working with the Government of Québec to implement it.

I will explain to you why we support the Plan Nord, on which conditions, and what it means for our people and our youth.  But first, I will give you a brief overview of who the Crees are, the work of the Grand Council of the Crees (Eeyou Istchee) and the context that led to our support for Plan Nord.







"I am pleased to announce today, on behalf of the Cree Nation that I support and endorse the Premier's announcement of the Plan Nord.." Matthew Coon Come



NDP Leadership Hopeful Tom Mulcair Reacts to 'Plan Nord'

Safe to assume that as a former Cree leader himself Romeo Saganash MP will be on board as well.

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From a poll last month:

Charest seems intent on using his Plan Nord - the $80-billion, 25-year investment plan to develop mining and other resources of northern Quebec - as his campaign theme. But Forum Research found only 36 per cent support for the Plan Nord vs. 40 per cent opposed and 25 per cent answering "don't know."

I faintly remember an article in the last year indicating that Pauline Marois of the PQ also supports most of Plan Nord. Can anyone recall that article?


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Le rôle de la police est-il d'assurer l'ordre ou de provoquer ?

Les quelque 200 militantes et militants de la CSN qui ont participé ce midi à la manifestation étudiante qui s'est déroulée dans le secteur du Palais des congrès de Montréal témoignent de la force brutale et disproportionnée utilisée envers les manifestants, mais encore plus du rôle provocateur joué par les forces policières.

« La manifestation a été pacifique jusqu'à ce qu'un policier, sans raison, décide d'asperger un jeune avec des gaz lacrymogènes. Du coup, ils ont sorti l'artillerie lourde et s'en sont pris violemment aux manifestants pour les faire reculer, les tabassant à coups de matraque même s'ils reculaient sans résistance. Le comportement des forces policières n'a été que provocation », de déclarer Jean Trudelle, président de la FNEEQ-CSN.

« Pendant la manifestation, alors que le président du Syndicat des chargé-es de cours de l'Université du Québec à Montréal tentait d'aider un étudiant qui gisait sur le sol à se relever, un policier l'a empoigné et projeté violemment sur une voiture. Plusieurs autres manifestants ont été poivrés même s'ils ne faisaient que manifester dans le calme », de souligner Gaétan Châteauneuf, président du Conseil central du Montréal métropolitain.


« Alors que le gouvernement aurait dû s'asseoir avec toutes les associations étudiantes depuis le début de la semaine et résoudre le conflit, il a plutôt décidé de créer de toute pièce une crise encore plus importante en faisant dévier le débat sur la violence. Son comportement des derniers jours est non seulement irresponsable, mais scandaleux. Nous sommes loin de penser qu'il œuvre à apaiser les tensions. Au contraire, il les attise. Sa blague totalement déplacée envers les manifestants démontre un mépris indigne d'un chef d'État. Personne d'autre que le premier ministre ne peut rétablir le dialogue, il a le devoir de s'en rappeler », de dire le président de la CSN, Louis Roy.

Non à la gratuité minière, oui à la gratuité scolaire
Rappelons qu'un des slogans des étudiants aujourd'hui était « Non à la gratuité minière, oui à la gratuité scolaire ». Les militantes et les militants de la CSN ont manifesté aujourd'hui en appui aux étudiants, mais aussi pour joindre leurs voix à celles des gens qui contestent les ressources faramineuses qui sont consacrées au Plan Nord, alors que le gouvernement libéral choisit de refiler de plus en plus la facture des études supérieures aux étudiantes, aux étudiants et à leurs familles. Pour la CSN, l'éducation devrait être une priorité nationale.

La CSN, fondée en 1921, regroupe 300 000 membres répartis dans les secteurs public et privé.

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here is an interesting tidbit:

Hanson said Mulcair's stint as an environment minister in Quebec, and his work on that province's Plan Nord, bodes well for northern issues, especially around resource extraction.


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From a HuffPost link: "...And what about mining royalties? Quebec is extremely well endowed with raw materials and natural resources, but are citizens getting a fair share of that wealth? In 2011, MiningWatch Canada and Québec meilleure ...mine observed that the province "still ranks near the bottom of the heap in the collection of mineral royalties," and that it "was only paid $114 million on revenues of over $5.6 billion." It is no coincidence that only a couple of months after Premier Jean Charest went on his province-wide dog and pony show to sell off Québec's immense northern riches, through his Plan Nord, students went on strike over plans to raise tuition fees."


As far as I can see, Plan Nord continues Charest's practice of giving away the store.

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RETURN TO THE SOURCE! Aboriginals and Quebecers united

montréal on friday june 8th

Alliance Romaine, the First Nations Circle of UQAM and GRIP UQAM
invite you to their:



Aboriginals and Quebecers united for the protection of the Romaine
River, against the North Plan!

Guest artists:














The purpose of this evening is to raise funds to support upcoming
solidarity campaigns with first nation's peoples concerned by the
Romaine hydro projects.

This evening follows a series of activities related to the Plan Nord
which had the goal of gathering people with diverse perspectives on
the challenges posed by the Plan Nord, to deepen our understanding of
it, and to identify what actions we can take in the public sphere to
support debate around the issues.

Music groups and native and foreign guest artists and a sale of
pictures of the Romaine River will be scheduled for this evening.

Admission: $ 10

(1 beer included)

June 8, 2012  7:30 p.m.

Comité Social Centre-Sud

1710 Beaudry Street

(Metro Beaudry)


Gustavo Zamora Jiménez


Cercle des Premières Nations de l'UQAM

(514) 987-3000 poste 6793

Local DS-3223


Oh, lovely breaking news - anything in English??

[url= blasted at Rio for his Plan Nord[/url]

... by Suzanne Méthot, president of the Canadian Boreal Initiative.



re the Canadian Boreal Initiative Bastardy: Green slime sellouts

"The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement is essentially another huge jump away from democracy, towards corporate control of the lands of Canada, as well as the corporatization of what is left of a once defiant environmental movement.."


'Quebec's Plan Nord: Towards A New Global Model for Sustainable Development'

"Organizing Partners: The Government of Quebec, Pew Environmental Group, Boreal Forest Initiative, Quebec Aboriginal Government Representative (to be determined)"

Especially treacherous in matters of Indigenous lands. Wouldn't trust any of them as far as I can spit. DANGER DO NOT BELIEVE / TRUST!!


NDPP is right. I shouldn't try to interpret such stories after a long day. I criticize others for not reading past the headline, yet that's basically what I did. I withdraw my stupid comment above and will go back to listening to others on this issue.


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Relax - all of us make a slip at least once in our lives. I value your contributions to the issue. And it's important to know what all sides are saying on any issue in order to build up opposition with coherent arguments.

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Plan Nord actually has supporters here on the Lower North Shore of Quebec because there exists a belief that it will bring development and jobs to an impoverished region - not to mention a road connecting us to the mainland.

Route 138 from Kegaska to Natashquan is almost a reality - it is a gravel road with temporary bridges that are to be replaced this summer, and a bridge spanning the Natashquan River is supposed to be completed by the end of this year.

ETA: Completion of that bridge now moved up to October 2013 - if by then. Frown

A road connecting all of the Lower North Shore to the Quebec mainland has been promised since about 1945. I had no idea that Plan Nord had anything to do with the current Kegaska - Natashquan road, but friends inform me that without Plan Nord, there would be no road.

I don't know what industry Plan Nord has for the Lower North Shore other than hydro-electricity. Mining - maybe.

I don't know where people are getting their information from - there exists a belief that other good things are coming here as a result of Plan Nord.


It is planned and intended for this mistake to be made -   the green slime compradors are in the business of creating precisely this confusion between environmental defenders and corporate's literally their stock in trade.


an obvious suggestion is that perhaps they don't really 'disagree with'? Perhaps the NDP is like the green slime compradors?

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NDPP wrote:


NDP Leadership Hopeful Tom Mulcair Reacts to 'Plan Nord'

Safe to assume that as a former Cree leader himself Romeo Saganash MP will be on board as well.

Thanks for the above link - I'm reviewing this thread again. 


Although Charest first started sending up trial balloons for the plan Nord more than two years ago, it was only in recent weeks that he's started to feel real heat from potential critics and opponents. For example, former PQ Premier Jacques Parizeau complained in an interview with Le Devoir last week that Quebec is on the brink of being exploited by foreign interests taking advantage of the plan Nord. Similarly last week, some of the strongest words of resistance yet were expressed by native peoples in Quebec's north, who stand most to be affected by plan Nord.

Mining interests excited While they and nature conservationists have the most reservations about the plan Nord, excitement is understandably growing among mining companies, given the Charest government's intention of eventually laying down a road that would open a land-based gateway into the southern portion of the isolated northern third of Quebec's territory - Nunavik - believed to be heavily laden with mineral deposits.


Asked earlier this week by Newsfirst Multimedia for his overall assessment of the plan Nord, Mulcair responded, "I'm going to be very careful not to comment directly on the Charest government, because I'm now working at the federal level. I'll make sure that we undertake to respect our obligations to supervise the accumulated health effects of any development, that we look at the effect on water, including ground water and navigable lake waters, and that we look at federal jurisdictions, for example, in certain areas of the north, and I'll confine my remarks to that."but I will say," he continued, "that irrespective of the level of government, that whenever you do develop in an area like that, you have to make sure that you take into account the ecological, the economic and the social impact. That social impact requires you to make sure that the society as a whole is benefiting as much possible from any profits that are being made from any natural resources that are owned by the people."


I don't get it - can't federal MPs - especially the leader of the NDP - react more strongly to provincial initiatives they disagree with? 

ETA: As others have noted in other threads, Mulcair has been mostly silent on the Montreal student's strike - which, presumably, they agree with.

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I think our local MP  (NDP) joined the protests aginst Plan Nord, but I'll have to check.


'joined the protests' does not necessarily mean opposition but only the wish to be perceived as opposing.  Run with hare - hunt with hounds. The 'loyal opposition' is known for it. Ditto the Quebec student strike.

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Romeo Saganash:  Harper ignores issues facing northern communities

No mention of Plan Nord - that surprised me, as he writes about Nunavik and Harper's bypassing the problems there - but which will be impacted by Plan Nord.

From post 36 above:

Mining interests excited While they and nature conservationists have the most reservations about the plan Nord, excitement is understandably growing among mining companies, given the Charest government's intention of eventually laying down a road that would open a land-based gateway into the southern portion of the isolated northern third of Quebec's territory - Nunavik - believed to be heavily laden with mineral deposits.



I wonder why this is RCMP jurisdiction? Federal funding? Because an Indigenous corporation is involved? I do hope this investigation doesn't get lost in squabbles over which police force has jurisdiction... Yes, it certainly has all the hallmarks of corruption stories (Québec and other) - that bit of road should have been built by now, while respecting the need to protect the river and the salmon run.

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The corruption angle here is news to me, I thought the reason for the delay in the bridge building was all about the salmon run - apparently not.

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Folks in my community - including me - are really pissed off at how long it's taking to get Route 138 finished, especially the bridge over the Natashquan River. Now there's this:

Côte-Nord : enquête réclamée sur les contrats de prolongement de la route 138

Google translation:

The member for Manicouagan, Jonathan Genest-Jourdain calling for an investigation to Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on contracts for the extension of Highway 138 Lower North Shore.

The NDP questioned the use of funds allocated for the extension of the 138 Lower North Shore. He denounced the slow progress of work on the road for five years.

"There already looks that turn to the Basse-Côte-Nord, because we do not speak of" spare change "(small change) if you will pardon the expression. Talking about amounts of tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars since 2007 for the extension of Highway 138, "says NDP MP.

Corporation Pakatan Meshkenau slammed

The member for Manicouagan, Jonathan Genest-Jourdain Jonathan Genest-Jourdain, who is also a lawyer, believes that an investigation is required to shed light on the contracts awarded to the Corporation Pakatan Meshkenau.

"Some names often date back to the surface in those documents and that they are law firms that are close to the government that was in place until recently. These are donor of a power of the former power in Quebec and they are names of people who were close to that time, who were candidates for a particular party, "adds it.

Such an investigation could slow work in progress, including the construction of the bridge over the Grand River Natashquan first step to connect the Lower North Shore to the rest of Quebec.

Innu protesters prevents further work for four weeks. They denounced the contract with the former band council.

"This type of light then prevailing. If we really want to work the extension of Highway 138, it must do so with clarity and truly ensure that the funds that have been invested, arrive at the final destination, "said the MP.

The President of the Corporation Pakatan Meshkenau, Randy Jones Mayor Gros Mécatina and President of the Corporation Pakatan Meshkenau, Randy Jones, rejects questioning the member for Manicouagan.

"What? I saw that in his statement, he does not speak of Pakatan. I find it quite odd that a Corporation can discuss it never came to meet. There was no communication with him at my municipality, it is the same thing, "retorted Randy Jones.

Randy Jones, the RCMP has no jurisdiction over the Ministère des Transports du Québec.




There's two sides to every story, and it appears too early to draw any conclusions from either of these two links. Apparently there will be an innvestigation - or maybe not. Who knows?


It is entirely possible that both are factors. We supported the Mohawk uprising at Oka and Kahnawake over a decade ago, and we certainly weren't bling to some of the more unsavoury things going on in those communities. The Oka uprising has borne fruit throughout the Americas, and now there are Kahnawake band members who are challenging the cigarette trade and the idea of wealth through casinos.

I wouldn't put it past the Federal or Québec governments to scoff at the salmon run. There can most certainly be corrupt Indigenous governments or corporations using this as an excuse or timewasting tactic, but it is still a legitimate concern. Have you thought of contacting your (Innu) MP?

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Yes, Genest-Jourdain and I have emailed once or twice. However,  I didn't see his press release until late last night - and I was completely stunned - this is all news to me. Apparently I'm the last here to know these things. That goes with retirement, I guess.  Frown


ETA: just did a Google - and, Yahoo! and Sympatico are carrying the CBC/Radio Canada news article about this story, so it is now across Canada. Frown

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[url= of Route 138 continues at Sept-Iles by members of Uashat-Maliotenam First Nation to demand end to Plan Nord[/url]


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I wonder what the response of the Premier will be.

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