Fire at seniors' residence in L'Isle-Verte leaves 3 dead, 30 missing

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Fire at seniors' residence in L'Isle-Verte leaves 3 dead, 30 missing

L'Isle-Verte is a beautiful, historic village on the Lower South Shore recorded by Champlain as a "Lieu" in the early 1600s (which does not necessarily mean there were any people, Indigenous or French, actually living there). Now it is the site of a disaster.

The village tourist site, jus to provide an idea of what an idyllic place this is. We camped there and rented bicycles to do the circuit of the island.


Horrific. What a terrible tragedy for the residents, their families and the community.


Rebecca, I can't seem to delete the other post I made by accident a few minutes earlier, when I was trying to edit that one to include the tourist site that provides a glimpse of that lovely region.

Seems the pharmacy next door burned down too. Pharmacies are of course focal meeting places in small towns, and it is a loss if people have to drive a long way to the closest larger town.


I've deleted it.


Saw a headline a few minutes ago saying the confirmed death toll was 32.  Don't know if it's true because the link was dead.


The Sûreté du Québec just confirmed 10 dead, 22 missing. Probably means 32 dead, but I'd rather not believe that until we hear it.

Also, 3 have been identified. And there are unconfirmed reports that a resident asked permission to leave the building (the doors close at midnight - presumably for re-entry) to smoke a cigarette, was denied, and the fire started very shortly thereafter.



And, right on cue, media are hounding the guy's family. Disgusting.