Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois - the student spring five years on

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Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois - the student spring five years on

An interview by Thomas Gerbet, a young journalist at Radio-Canada (Gerbet was a French journalism student who came here on an exchange internship ... and stayed). Worth a listen if you have an hour to spare sometime, somewhere - this is the kind of thing you can listen to in transit...

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Listened to the first 10 minutes - sounds great! Thanks for this find, lagatta. Now what do you think the future holds for GND? QS porte-parole?

ETA: By the way, here's the download link so one can load it on a smartphone etc. for listening while in motion.


Thanks for that - yes, it isn't a technical, fact-heavy podcast - it is something that is fine to listen to while driving or on public transport. And it is fun to listen to.

I have no idea - GND is still hedging. I understand - he would be a great QS porte-parole but I understand not wanting to be tied down to a party line, though GS is certainly not "Leninist" - and some neoliberal parties can be very "Leninist" indeed, by the way.

Now I'm itching to have a by-election in Laurier-Dorion. Ideally at the same time as the one in Gouin (they are adjacent, and I've lived for years in each of them). GND lives in Laurier-Dorion (southwestern Villeray, near Jean-Talon Market, where I lived there) so he is a couple of blocks north of Gouin.