Homeless Man In Montreal

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Homeless Man In Montreal

I don't understand why more people are not outraged at the treatment of the homeless by Montreal police.  The video circulated and all we received was the standard political noise from politicians.  It's time that we take more of a concerted approach to force changes within city hall and by police.



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Brian, this incident is already being discussed here: http://rabble.ca/babble/qu%C3%A9bec/quebec-police-display-violent-behaviour

Actually, many people are outraged about it.

The fellow, obviously out of it (he seems to have some kind of severe mental-health issue) WAS panhandling aggressively. I live not far from there and I believe I've encountered him. I'm most certainly not defending how the police react to people in mental-health crises or other marginal people, but it is not the easiest thing to manage. We do also have the right to be able to walk outside without some guy grabbing us while begging.

One thing we sorely need is more social housing adapted to people with mental-health issues. There is one such building in the neighbourhood here, but it is full, of course.