Implications of 2012 Quebec election for new provincial NDP party

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Boom Boom wrote:

I think the NDP will have their hands full trying to win in 2015 - setting up a Quebec NDP will simply drain energy and money from that more important goal of getting rid of Harper.




There's going to be a committee to study the issue and to listen to all side fairly so everyone one in Quebec gets a say.

As for dividing the Left QS and the PQ have already done this, going on the offensive against federalism, they have only themselves to blame for alienating left wing federalists and if QS really wants to stop an NDP Quebec Party from forming they need to drop to stop being a Seperatist party otherwise they give left wing federalists no choice, weather its by the NDP or another means.

The fact that the Quebec wing is so divided on this shows disatisfacation on the left with the current choices and the Question becames what does QS do to address the unrest on the left. Do they ignore it or do they act to address concerns?


Thanks, Brachina, what would Quebeckers do without your kind selfless assistance from abroad?

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Québec Solidaire went "on the offensive against federalism"? I have seen no evidence of this. In fact, the people I have seen who are most eager to "go on the offensive against federalism" have been those who paint QS as a rabidly separatist party--i.e. Harper, Justin Trudeau's Liberals and NDPers who believe things like the above.


[url= Mulcair Delays Plans for a Provincial NDP in Quebec (Huffington Post Canada)[/url]

A minority government in Quebec has left federal New Democrats with little choice but to shelve plans for a provincial New Democratic party in la belle province, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says. In an interview that aired Sunday on Radio-Canada's Les Coulisses du Pouvoir, Mulcair told host Emmanuelle Latraverse while there's a lot of demand from the party's base for a provincial party, a minority government means another provincial election could be triggered at any time. The NDP leader said the prospect of facing a provincial electorate while readying for a federal election in 2015 would "split the party's resources." "We don't have the resources to do both at the same time," said Mulcair speaking from Montreal where the Quebec wing of the federal NDP gathered for their biennial convention this weekend. While delegates debated the idea of forming a provincial party on Saturday, Mulcair made his position clear on Sunday. "My first priority is to beat Stephen Harper and his Conservatives in 2015," Mulcair told Latraverse. "There's a lot of work cut out for us but we'll get there because the stakes are high."
Looks like Quebec Solidaire will have the left side of the spectrum to itself at least through this minority legislature and another election. With the news that [url= Khadir will step aside for a new co-spokesperson from outside the National Assembly[/url] maybe this offers an opportunity for QS to make a provincial NDP unneccessary? Or at least to squeeze out any political room for it.