Is Jean Charest gonna keep his seat as the chef of liberal party of quebec?

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Is Jean Charest gonna keep his seat as the chef of liberal party of quebec?



Some Liberal partisan are asking for a confident vote for Charest.

Ken Burch Ken Burch's picture

Would Drapeau himself be a potential challenger to Charest?

flight from kamakura

as usual, the liberal convention brought nothing new.  personally, i can't imagine charest doesn't cash out before the next election, it's just time - but even harder to imagine than that is any context in which the liberals hold power but the leader is ousted, it's just inconceivable.

Boom Boom Boom Boom's picture

I think Charest is a terrible Premier, but who replaces him is a mystery to me.

Northern Shoveler Northern Shoveler's picture

If he hadn't jumped ship my guess is Mulcair would now be touted as his successor.

flight from kamakura

hahah, no way.  on the one hand, there have been obvious successors at various points - couillard or normandeau or any of a long list - that'd have the party track, and then there's mulcair's major failining: in quebec, the premier must be a francophone.  mulcair passes for federal, but provincial, there's absolutely no chance he'd be elected leader, zero.


flight from kamakura wrote:

 in quebec, the premier must be a francophone. 

Really? What about [url=]John James Charest[/url]? Tongue out


flight from kamakura

haha!  yeah!  still, noone would seriously entertain the idea that charest isn't a francophone, as opposed to mulcair whose excellent french is strongly accented.  chrest is sort of the flip side of mulcair, raised in french with english at home, rather than reverse. 

on an unrelated aside, mulcair's family underwent a really neat process whereby - owing to the various social and political changes over the years - the older kids are all anglos and the younger all francos.  so mulcair actually chose to live in french as a francophone, raise his children in french, and otherwise to make his life in quebec as a quebecois, something that most quebecois don't see as particularly shocking, but which is inconceivable to many anglo-quebeckers.