JM Leger goes berzerk

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JM Leger goes berzerk

Boy oh boy, pollster Jean Marc Leger seems to have really gone off the deep end with this column. He seems to be very angry at someone or something:

A few choice tidbits:

Ce n'est pas normal qu'on laisse des gens, aptes à travailler, végéter sur l'assurance-chômage ou l'assistance sociale alors qu'il manque de travailleurs au Québec.

Ce n'est pas normal que plusieurs autochtones vivent de subventions du gouvernement alors qu'ils ne respectent pas les lois du pays.

Ce n'est pas normal qu'on accuse toujours les policiers à la moindre occasion alors qu'ils nous protègent contre les bums de la rue.

Ce n'est pas normal d'accommoder certains groupes ethniques alors qu'ils méprisent notre langue et notre culture françaises.



Gee, I wonder if he has stats to back up those claims.

Oh right.... he's a pollster. Myths, discrimination and misconceptions would be his stock in trade.



The fact that he's a pollster only gives him a platform. This is clearly just him going on a rant expressing his personal opinions. I doubt if there is any shred of polling data to back any of it up.


Wow. I didn't know he was such a huge RW bozo...


Statistic say a lot of thing, but also put a lot of question unanswer.

The of the question i see that is unanswered is :Are people specialize or qualified for the job.


what i see is that we need a debat on how to integrate imigrant,
where to draw the line between multiculturalism and interculturalism

Uncle John

We don't bother trying to integrate them in Ontario, as we have no definition of Ontario culture except some sort of amorphous non-American Anglo North-Americanness. In Toronto however we are getting a sense of how cool this place is. It may be that Toronto is becoming cooler for the very reason that we just don't care.

Sometimes they run Ontario ads but it is mainly to get tourists. Various subcultures more or less do what they want, and no one seems to care. As far as I can tell, this non-policy works well, as no one is threatened because no one group is seen to be trying to take over. I guess the lesson Quebec should learn is to try and widen the field as much as possible so you have the whole world coming and not just part of it.

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What are the "great programs" that he's complaining about always being blocked, btw?


In other berzerk news out of Quebec, 'stand yer ground' wins the day in court.  May lumberjacks everywhere rejoice!

Manuel Delisle, accused in a bizarre Quebec road-rage incident involving a chainsaw, was handed an absolute discharge after pleading guilty Tuesday in St-Jérôme. 


There is news of people like that everywhere, even among anglos, hein?

That said, it is a travesty of justice. A young guy speeding like a bullet killed a taxi driver not much older, and I doubt he'll get the same prison term another perp of manslaughter (sans motor vehicle) would.



This is not new for M Leger as he has had temper tantrums in the past about other issues that are dear to right-wingers. 

That's why I am always a bit skeptical when I see his polling results.

Does not sound like an impartial pollster to moi. Frown

What's with pollsters, any pollsters, and lots do it in anglo Canada, commented on, getting involved in various political issues.

CROP, Nanos, Ipsos Reid, Angus Reid, not so much.


lagatta wrote:
There is news of people like that everywhere, even among anglos, hein?

Road rage involving a chainsaw?  Not so much.


I'm certainly not defending Léger - to say nothing of road rage with chainsaws, but Québec has a relatively low rate of violent crime, so there must be some doozies in English Canada too.


It's not either or, or a story put up to highlight how violent Quebec society is, compared to anywhere else.