Lower North Shore and Anticosti Island to lose winter ferry service

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Lower North Shore and Anticosti Island to lose winter ferry service



I thought about putting this in the Couillard outrage thread, but in memory of our beloved Boom Boom, I thought it deserved its own entry.

There will be no passenger or shipping services to Quebec's Lower North Shore this winter due to provincial budget cuts.

The Quebec's ferry company – la Société des traversiers du Québec – says that because its annual budget has been cut by $7 million, it will not offer the service provided by its ferry, the Bella Desgagnés, between January 19, 2015 and some time in April.

So if you live anywhere between Kegaska and Blanc-Sablon, and want to go anywhere between January and April, best hope you're rich enough to afford a flight (very expensive in the Basse-Côte-Nord). And if your town runs out of supplies in winter, well, tough shit.

The transport minister says "you can still snowmobile". Naturally.


I think they basically want those people to move out.

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Fits right in with eliminating bus service to most Gaspesien communities. 


I happened to turn up a photo of Tony (Boom Boom) in his environment, about the hardships endured by people on the Lower North Shore:


Remember that the largest communities in that area are not anglophone or francophone, but Innu.