Montréal police form squad to target "marginal and anarchist movements"

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Montréal police form squad to target "marginal and anarchist movements"



I'm not making this up. It's called "Guet des activités des mouvements marginaux et anarchistes" - surveillance of marginal and anarchist movements’ activities. On June 29, they arrested four members of the Parti communiste révolutionnaire on allegations of having assaulted police during the annual May Day march. A complaint has been filed with the Québec Human Rights Commission alleging discrimination.

[url= police unit to monitor anarchists[/url]


Jacques Robinette, an assistant Montreal police chief and head of special investigations, said GAMMA was created in January to deal with increasing vandalism and assaults on police officers during public gatherings and protests.

The unit is an adjunct of the organized crime unit. Tactics employed by investigators to monitor gangs can be used to watch anarchist leaders who infiltrate otherwise peaceful protests, he said.

Robinette refused to say how many police officers are in the unit.

In the past, police have trained video cameras on protests to identify troublemakers.

“They often have flags and sometimes the flag poles become sticks they use to break windows and hit people,” Robinette said.

About a dozen protests have turned violent in the past year, he added.

“They are using various protests – like those about (police shooting victim) Fredy Villanueva, tuition fee hikes and even St. Jean Baptiste – as a pretext to vandalize, throw projectiles and assault police officers,” Robinette said.

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Not like Montreal police have anything better to do with their time... 'cause of course biker gangs and old-style organized crime are just a myth, aren't they?

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Don't be so cynical, bagkitty. If there's one thing I know, it's that we can trust the Montreal police force.


Yes but trust them to do what exactly?


The website of the [url=]Revolutionary Communist Party[/url] has more details about the arrest of their four militants by this squad.

Tangent: At first I thought this was the organization whose leadership used to include Gilles Duceppe (many years ago), but then I recalled that that was the "Workers' Communist Party".


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At what point is it okay to call Canada a police state?  We have the Kingston detention centre with no democratic due process for "suspect" Moslems already.  We have the G8 protesters being prosecuted when it is clear the police holding cells were a gross violation of the states power.  Prior to the G8 they locked up many "radical" organizers. 

Is it just a numbers game and as long as we only incarcerate a few hundred political prisoners it is okay and we still get to claim the status of a democracy? We are on a slippery slope and picking up speed.  

The Charter is a useless piece of shit in the face of this kind of intimidation and harassment of dissenters.  Many people on this board have no problem screaming police state when China attacks dissidents that want to replace their constitution with a western style sock puppet democracy,  I fail to see the difference between the Chinese attack on some of its people and this attack on the radical left. 




well, when "we" call ourselves a democracy, it's in the same company as the US, Israel, etc...sort of like how we call ourselves a "free market economy" when it's nothing close to that.  We are not and have never been that respects or practices democracy.  

On the article, it should be the other way around, the protesters should be setting up security teams to protect themselves from brutal police actions.  Far worse than someone getting hit with a flagpole, protesters have to deal with: nighttime raids in their homes, assault by police (sometimes large groups of cops attacking one person), tasers, clubs, high velocity tear gas canisters shot at them, trampled by horses intentionally, arbitrary arrest and seizure of private property, torture, LRAD's, loss of jobs from having cops show up to investigate you for legal activity....the list goes on!