Montreal boil-water advisory

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Montreal boil-water advisory

Nothing dramatic so far, but someone messed up, and this is an inconvenience and expense.

Most Montrealers are being told they must boil their water before drinking it, a precaution after sediment was found in the water following renovations to a city reservoir.

Officials will be testing the water to make sure there is no dangerous bacteria in the sediment.

City officials have issued a boil water advisory covering all areas east of, and including, LaSalle.

I drank several glasses of water (not counting coffee, but that was heated to steam) before happening to hear the advisory; actually I think the water where I live is fine, but better safe than sorry I guess. People closer to the water filtration plant in southwestern Montréal got brown, turbid water.

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Yikes - we've been hearing about it on the news here this morning too.  Hope it's resolved soon!


It's nice to pretend, just for a day, that we're in the same dire straits as so many millions around the world who have so much less than we do.

But it's probably nothing:

[url= water advisory: No need to panic, professor says[/url]



When I spent my summers in Montreal in the late 60s and early 70s our water was always boiled. Of course then it was to get rid of the high chlorine.

I didn't read this story until this morning, and having done so, I have to wonder why it made the national news. This is the sort of thing that happens here after a heavy rain or a watermain break. We got one city-wide one last summer, and last time last fall it was just our street when they put in a new line to a house down the street.

Think of it as a reminder that our water actually comes from somewhere in the natural (and sometimes not so natural) world. And beyond those whose water can actually kill them, and a growing number who can set it on fire

There are plenty for whom normal water smells like rotten eggs, or is hard enough to leave rust stains and heavy mineral deposits.




the site had a link to a McGill backgrounder on where Montreal water comes from; I will find that and post here, it was very interesting;

I had a tea this morning and boiled the water twice (we live in Snowdon) , but the cafeteria at work had no coffee, too much trouble to boil that much water, I guess...


I think it is news beyond our region just because it effects so many people in a large city.

Usually our water quality is very good. I remember how horrible (sulphur) water tasted in Trois-Rivières; don't know whether that has improved.

Off for a bicycle ride to Marché central in a very light rain... I need the exercise to wake up brain. And yes, I've had coffee already, and am taking a bottle of pre-boiled water.


I wonder how much the boiling has to do with killing bugs, and how much has to do with settling the cloudiness.


I decided to live dangerously and keep drinking from the tap. The tap water where I grew up is slightly diluted chlorine with a strontium-90 chaser, so I figure that ship has already sailed for me.


DaveW wrote:

I had a tea this morning and boiled the water twice

Boiling twice cancels the salutary effect of the first boil. Best wishes, DaveW!

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Every time I make tea it makes the water brown and undrinkable. I haven't figured out where I'm going wrong.


We have an "end to boil-water advisory", so tap it is. I wasn't particularly worried about it either, but thought it better to be cautious.