new political party in quebec. a sovreignist one

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new political party in quebec. a sovreignist one ------------> Look like sovreignty movement is surging back in the political scene!


Look like Jean Martin Aussant is thinking of founding his new party à sovreignist one. We don't know yet his political position on the left right. The odd are good for a centrist one. On the "New thing" attraction it might give the damn to Legault.

thing are getting more and more interesting!

Politic in quebec! Everyting but borring!

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Although there is an element of the post WWII comment coming out of the French diplomatic corps in response to the situation of two Germanies (we love them so very much we wish there were even more) that creeps in when talking about the creation of yet another sovereigntist grouping.

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I think an independent Quebec is as far away today as it ever was.


If this were to happen (I very much doubt it will), this would be akin to a dissolution of the PQ back into its two former constituent units (Lévesque's MAS [Mouvement Souveraineté-Association; the "soft" sovereignty camp] and Bourgault's RIN [Rassemblement pour une indépendance nationale; the "hard" sovereignty camp])...

Although... not really, as the comparison pretty much falls apart beyond the sovereignty angle. Bourgault's RIN was socialist-leaning; this Aussant character, a former investment banker, doesn't really fit the profile...


As I just posted in another thread on a related topic...

It seems like Quebec may soon have as many as six parties:

QS - leftwing, sovereignist

PQ - wishy-washy on sovereignty but more in favour of it than Legault (see below) and wishy-washy on everything else

Legault's party - centre right and wishy-washier on sovereignty than the PQ (which is already quite WW)

ADQ - rightwing and vaguely autonomist

Quebec Liberals - centre right and unenthusiastically federalist

Possible new party by dissident PQ MNAs - staunchly sovereignist and no apparent other policies at all short there is something for everyone - EXCEPT still nothing for progressive people who do NOT place any priority on sovereignty (unless you count the Parti Vert du Quebec).

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I wonder what new federalist parties will arise in Quebec! Laughing


Well, the CAQ (Legault's thing) will for all intents and purposes be a new federalist party (if it is indeed transformed into a political party—an eventuality that now seems all but assured).

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Okay - I thought Legault's party was provincial - shows you how much I know! Laughing

I am so isolated from politics here that I have great difficulty knowing what's going on. I never saw the NDP orange wave coming, for example.


No no, you're right, it would be a provincial (i.e., not federal) party; however, because of its endorsal of the statu quo as far as the political arrangement between Quebec and Canada is concerned (i.e., on that issue, no reforms whatsoever, constitutional or otherwise, are contemplated by Legault & cie as far as I know), it would in essence be a federalist party.


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I wonder what new federalist parties will arise in Quebec! Laughing


I doute it, Actually except Andre Pratte and Dion most of the intelectual in quebec are on the side of sovreignty and they find new argument for sovreingnty at least once a month and since Harper election Once a week. With his 43% of support sovreignty is there to remaind what ever happen in with the PQ, but if Harper is doing majors screws like the champlain bridge. Sovreighty can easely go to 55% and more depending of the importance of the "mistake".

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I live 44 km from the ancestral home of Gilles Vigneault. Cool



ps: In 2010, Gilles Vigneault signed, together with 500 artists, the call to support the international campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israeli apartheid