Leger Poll says only Duceppe can defeat Legault

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Leger Poll says only Duceppe can defeat Legault

Amazing. But it seems to coincide with my own anecdotal experience.

flight from kamakura

yeah, one really does begin to wonder if marois might indeed be ousted.  la presse last week featured numerous accounts of the fraught caucus reunion, including a fairly insane sideline about the deputy from vercheres skipping the first portion of the caucus meeting to attend a solidaire event.  it seems that marois' support in caucus is down to a half-dozen members, basically, her leadership team.  on the one hand, a putsch will damage the party further and people don't seem to want to go down that road, on the other hand, these guys have to do something or they'll be slaughtered at the polls in a couple years' time.  really an incredible situation.


Here's an English story:

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Only+Duceppe+could+defeat+Legault+po... Duceppe could defeat Legault[/url]


Letter dated today from Gilles Duceppe to Pauline Marois, replying to her invitation to join with the PQ and get involved. Essentially, he says he doesn't feel ready right now to get back into active political life, though he's not ruling it out for the future; that he's not sort of waiting in the bushes; that he has no intention of replacing anyone; that he has full confidence in her leadership and wants her to lead the PQ to victory in the next election; and he calls on sovereignists not to be divisive, but to let Pauline Marois and the PQ do their work.

It's being interpreted by the media as an affirmation that he has no intention of becoming leader. But I don't quite read it as going that far... Innocent

[url=http://communiques.gouv.qc.ca/gouvqc/communiques/GPQF/Novembre2011/08/c3...'s letter to Pauline[/url]



I dont know Unionist. Compare it to what he said before, and I think that he is shutting the door.


The future in 'not ruling it out for the future' could pointedly include:

"I advise you to get behind Pauline. And that is my last word- except to repeat it when asked. However, if you were to ignore my advice....and then there is no leader.... "

But my hunch tells me that is not it. For one thing, it is clear that Marois is going to have to be absloutely forced out. Lack of suuport is one thing- people willing to stick their necks out to get rid of you another. And I would think that Duceppe would know they need at least continued coy hints from him to make the final push.

My hunch is that its the words on the page: Duceppe knew it was time for a committing decision, thought it out more rigorously, and for whatever combination reasons he had, decided he did not want to go as far as was required to finish Marois off.

There may have been more commendable reasons for that, but I know one that would be in there. It was down to 'the shotgun': the consequences of trying to push her out and failing, would be that he is the one that is finished, for good this time.

The shotgun tends to put a better light on standing away from the present definite opportunity.... waiting to see if there is a maybe in the future... picking up the pieces.