Québec doctors warned to stop doing virginity tests

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Québec doctors warned to stop doing virginity tests



However, some doctors have admitted to providing fake proof of virginity, without having performed a chastity test, “in the interest of harm reduction to save a girl’s honour,” said ethicist and UdM researcher Marie-Ève Bouthillier.

But professionals must wade in with great sensitivity, Bérard warned.

“We have to make sure we don’t judge or make assumptions about bad intentions of parents.”

I'd go so far as to say that if Dad brings in his 13-year-old daughter to make sure her hymen's intact, and the doctor feels compelled to verify that it is as a "harm reduction matter", the doctor should call the police. That girl is in danger. That kind of "cultural sensitivity" got Zainab Shafia killed.


Unbelievable. But why just the focus on Quebec - it can't be the only province where this is happening?



I'm sure it isn't. The article just talked about Québec and the Collège des médecins, so I put it in this section.


Hopefully we're coming a long way from this (2008), but who knows what's going out there (or, to Ghislaine's point, whether physicians in the rest of Canada will follow suit):

[url=http://www.canada.com/story_print.html?id=648b4415-0838-4f49-848e-bb22df... offers brides-to-be a return to 'virginity'[/url]


"It's not a widespread practice -- it's very marginal," said Eric Bensimon, who does about a dozen hymen restorations a year at his cosmetic-surgery clinic in Montreal.

The Quebec College of Physicians argues the procedure is like circumcision: It's not medically necessary, and as such, it's a matter of choice whether the surgeon offers it.

Will the Québec College be reconsidering this as well?