Quebec - Senate reform vs extra seats in the Commons

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Quebec - Senate reform vs extra seats in the Commons

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So what are your opinions regarding Senate reforms and the issue of Quebec's weight in the Commons? I think today Quebec just issued a warning that it may go to court if Harper proceed with Senate reforms without consulting the provinces.


What I find interesting about this debate is that NDP supporters seem to be the greatest supporters of proportional representation.  Yet at the same time Jack is proposing something that runs completely counter to this [and yes, I realize that the existing First Past the Post system isn't exactly that either].  But the idea that a province should be given more voting power than it's population would suggest is a complete denial of the very concept of proportional representation.

But then we've heard it before - "All Animals are equal but ...".

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In 1988 BC elected 19 of the 43 NDP MP's.  Then they NDP got on board with the central Canada constitutional consensus and 2 of those 19 seats survived.  The Reform party ate us alive because BC'ers think they deserve to be treated as equals in Confederation. That has not changed and if the NDP starts promoting extra seats for Quebec while we are not only under represented in BC but the underrepresentation is growing then they will pay a price at the polls.  

What party was it that was able to govern for decades while ignoring the West?  I think they kept winning large numbers of seats in Quebec and Ontario.  If forming government is the only consideration then throwing BC under the bus to win votes in central Canada makes sense.  Unfortunately for me it means that I will be represented in parliament by right wing populists.  I admit though that it is a winning formula for a party running from the centre left.

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The Tories want to provide electable Senators because the NDP does not allow Senators to represent their party, this will put the NDP in a tight spot.

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Any acceptance of elected Senators that does not include the resignation of every single Senator is nothing but a shell game to legitimize an undemocratic institution.  The worst case scenario is a Senate with some elected members and all the political hacks still at the trough.  To turn over the Senate to a totally elected body would take 15 to 20 years if we wait for deaths. 

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Hey NS, from post #2, I hope us here in Central Canada will do more to educate our comrades about the ROC. ;)

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The ROC!!  Here it is again.  The mythology around that beast just will not disappear.