Student strike - lockout and repression #8

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Freedom 55

Arcade Fire wore red squares during their performance on Saturday Night Live tonight.

Freedom 55

I missed hearing exactly what it is that's on fire in the street, but whatever it is... the fire department was called in, and then they withdrew. Police are claiming that they had to pull back because people were launching projectiles at the fire fighters, but the CUTV reporters on the scene are saying that absolutely did NOT happen.


Thomas Mulcair had better open his mouth and say something very soon or his political fortunes will go the way of Jean Charest's. Straight down..


60 arrests last night - several still being detained. Mostly lies and hysteria today in the MSM, with the usual exceptions, slightly more balanced coverage on Radio-Canada (though definitely not CBC) and Le Devoir. The best sources of information are still the social media, student TV live coverage and commentary, etc.

What now? Will the police be ordered to crack down by applying Bill 78 more strictly? Last night, they "tolerated" an "illegal" demo for a certain time, and they don't appear to have charged anyone under 78. And a big question: When will these desperate fascists attack the student associations, federations, and individual leaders?

One thing is certain. The movement of Québec students cannot be crushed.



Anarchy Rules in Quebec  - by John Snobelen

"The Quebec Junior Anarchists Club (otherwise known as the student unions) have claimed their first political casualty...

Call in the army Jean.


the usual from the Toronto SCUM


NDPP wrote:

Call in the army Jean.


Plans are afoot. Seriously.

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"Hell No" - Your Right to Dissent


TRNN Replay-Michael Ratner: There is a North America-wide strategy to take away the right to mass protest


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Not just North America. This is global class warfare and they have all the guns and fancy equipment.  The students are doomed to lose and the energy dissipated unless the people of Quebec join them in large numbers.  Once the protests subside we will be into a process like the aftermath of the G8 police riots.  They will arrest a few of the most radical protest leaders and all the liberal organizations will say it was a travesty. Unfortunately with each new round of police riots they become more aggressive and are rewarded with more tools of coercion and instant punishment.  The people united can never be defeated is and always has been a self evident truth.


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I'd still like to see a country-wide general strike but that doesn't mean all the targets have to be the same everywhere.

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..the emerging global movements have built experimental platforms that enable us to not just communicate with each other but to arrive at concensus. the struggle to win is on a global level. we will not win this struggle provincially nor nationally. we must link the global movements. this means resistence and the building of a new world based on direct democracy. electoral politics is divissive and can only be a temporary solution in some cases. electoral politics needs to be replaced as well. imho.

flight from kamakura

i've just sent the email to quit my job here in san francisco so that i can return home to montreal.  i've been wrestling with it since the nightly marches began, and i just no longer feel that i can be away from the largest progressive uprising of my life (in my own country, that is).  especially since my two idiot brothers, staunchly supportive of the cause, are completely incompetent at getting out and doing anything about anything.

so if you see on the news a particularly handsome, spectacled 30 year old with a fist in the face of the oppressor, shouting in a slightly paris-accented quebecois french, that'd be me.  flight from san francisco.

flight from kamakura

Unionist wrote:

[url= Dolan and cast wear red square at Cannes[/url]

"I am determined to show my true colours because I am afraid of what is happening to youth in Québec, goddamnit [câlisse], with this authoritarian regime. The conflict has expanded to unbelievable proportions. It’s not the Québec I knew. I am torn between the première of my film and the fate of my generation,” Dolan lamented to journalists earlier today. [...]

In April, when interviewed on TVA morning news about Laurence Anyways being selected off competition at the prestigious festival, Dolan took the anchors off-guard by starting with a shout-out to Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the co-spokesman for the Coalition pour un Solidarité Syndicale étudiante (La CLASSE). “I would like to say first and foremost that Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois is doing an amazing job; he’s very articulate and he has impressed me a lot; but also I find, and this is entirely unimportant, that he’s very sexy,” the out gay director chimed.

hard to say how good it makes me feel to hear something like that.


Great news - welcome back, ffk, and bon retour! Hope this is the right decision for you.

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flight from kamakura wrote:
so if you see on the news a particularly handsome, spectacled 30 year old with a fist in the face of the oppressor, shouting in a slightly paris-accented quebecois french, that'd be me.  flight from san francisco.

Brilliant! Can't wait to catch you on the tube!

And a fitting sentiment to end this thread on...


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