Supreme Court to examine Quebec allegations it intervened in Constitution repatriation

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Supreme Court to examine Quebec allegations it intervened in Constitution repatriation


The Supreme Court of Canada says it will investigate allegations that some of its members intervened in the repatriation of the Constitution.

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Maybe some of our Quebec posters can tell us whether this is a big deal in La Belle Province.  Even if the allegations are proven to be accurate and not mostly just an authors spin based on a few facts I wonder what it means 30 years after the events. 


A spokesman for the Supreme Court indicated Tuesday the court is concerned by the questions about its credibility and feels it necessary to investigate.

"The court attaches great importance to its institutional independence and to the confidentiality of its deliberations," said Owen Rees, executive legal officer for the court, in a statement obtained by several media. "It is reviewing the content of these allegations."


This broke yesterday. I saw the interview with the author on RDI (he's very impressive, and speaks perfect English as well). It's getting a lot of play right now, but very hard to know this early where it will go, other than entering the collective consciousness as part of the betrayal of 1982. Stay tuned.

Of course, chez les hard-core independentists, this is grist to the mill. I'm kinda waiting for them to talk about how Bora Laskin was Jewish:



The evidence I saw consisted of third-hand reports that Laskin had (a) hinted when the opinion would be released and (b) revealed that the Court was divided on the legal questions in the reference.

Highly improper if true - especially the second charge - but hardly the smoking gun that some are making it out to be.


Well evidently some people are going to town with it...


How'd this thread get buried, anyway?

A letter on the issue:

It does kind of beg the question of what this presumed conspiracy was.