Workers trash Montréal City Hall to protest attacks on pensions

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He's too busy supervising the next Big Dig, burying the 720.


Bergeron is great on "urbanist"  and environmental issues, but not so much on other social ones. I do vote Projet Montréal, but hope there will be a change of guard. Sure I'm not alone - their electorate is very similar to those of Québec solidaire and the NDP.


They finally made it official:

[url= Martin, firefighters' union head, suspended for 6 months for Bill 3 protest[/url]

If they think this is going to terrorize workers into silence, they are seriously mistaken.

Firefighters demonstrate at Jeanne Mance Park

Police are on standby at Jeanne Mance Park Tuesday morning as 150 firefighters have gathered.



From the updated story above:


Martin took the opportunity Tuesday to warn Mayor Denis Coderre that he won’t be backing down and will continue to fight the issues, which are changes to the pensions of city employees, firefighters, police and blue collar workers.

Despite his suspension, Martin retains his position as president of the union.

“No one will stop me from performing my role as union president. Union action will continue, more than ever…more determined and forceful than ever,” he said.



"Le Grand Dérangement" - the Great Upheaval - borrowing terminology from the 1755 expulsion of the Acadians by the British colonialists, some 5,300 municipal workers are on a 24-hour strike today across Québec, raising their voices and generally making trouble, to protest against the Couillard government's attack on their pensions (with the collaboration of municipal politicians like Coderre and his ilk).

[url= workers get noisy in one-day strike across Quebec[/url]



Montréal's 9,600 white-collar workers are on 24-hour strike today. They were supposed to participate in last week's "Great Upheaval", but the strike notice was sent late (not sure exactly what went wrong).