No, new research does NOT show that violence decreases under the Nordic model‏

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susan davis
No, new research does NOT show that violence decreases under the Nordic model‏  

No, new research does NOT show that violence decreases under the Nordic model

Posted on January 24, 2013 by Wendy Lyon

[Update: in response to communication from Feminist Current's Meghan Murphy, I am happy to clarify that the article critiqued below is not a "Feminist Current piece" but a Sam Berg piece which Feminist Current merely hosted.]

There’s been a bit of a social media buzz over this article on a radical feminist website, which claims that a recent Pro Sentret report from Norway – which you can read in English here – shows that “violence decreases under the Nordic model”. The author backs up her claims with an impressive array of graphs (and a fair smattering of ad hominems), and unsurprisingly receives glowing praise in her comments from people who were clearly predisposed to believe anything she said on the subject anyway.

I hate to burst their bubble. Well, actually I don’t.

The author kindly linked to one of my own posts on the report, though she seems not to have read it. If she had, she would have noticed that very near the start I referred to “methodological limitations” that made it unsafe to draw cause-and-effect conclusions from the study. At the time I didn’t feel it important to get into those limitations, but I will now.


Perhaps the best course would be to debate this with rabble associate Megan Murphy?

susan davis

megan murphy i am sorry to say is not some one i feel safe debating anything with.

her post as you have listed is just one more example of why i don't care to go there. i also am unsure if this is the forum to post that link in since we are supposed to be sticking to perspectives which reflect the sex workers perspectives.

megan murphy was not/is not a sex worker.

there is no debating those who refuse to see outside of their perscribed ideology and who feel sex workers who choose sex work should choose to not do sex work for the betterment of all women. comprimising the rights of one group of women to support the rights of another.

if these women/groups could meet with us in a civilized way and could hear our perspective, maybe then we could have an actual debate/discussion.

my experience to date, that does not happen. instead we are yelled at, photographed, belittled and shamed.

thanks so much for posting lagatta...

susan davis

interesting to see she is still relying on melissa farely's data and blowing the stats out of proportion to suit her arguement...

it gets so tiring to read that kind of drivel, "they are our allies" they want to help....we're on the same side.....

where's the beef though? all this talk of how we have common goals when she herself has been one of the biggest contributors to the divisions which exist....convenient for her to now blame others for what she and others with her beliefs have created.



there's no lack of controversy where Meghan is concerned. Likewise I don't think the transgender groups felt like they were treated as allies either. So much so that more than a thousand posts were deleted, which amounted to the better part of a month on that blog.

it was pretty hurtful to see the initial select edits before mercifully everything was taken down but I suppose these things happen when groups are in survival states and negotiating the survival states of other groups is not a priority.

having many resources is great if you want to access them; being under an umbrella of micromanagement isn't so great though