saw that Bad Date app thread

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saw that Bad Date app thread

it wasn't what I was expecting, so I thought I'd try here.

Has anyone come up with a program for sex workers and their bad dates? I could see there being complications with 'malicious' content not yet proven in court and identifying data and whatnot but I figured you could evade that by basing the directory in some uncooperative country's host domain.

upwardly mobile offenders seem to be disproportionately responsible for bad dates and it would be a boon for the collective to connect and share data, because no one else is going to do it

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Good question, ryanw -- when you say "program," do you mean like an application for a phone? Or more like a social program? Because in my limited experience there are a few of the latter in the DTES, for example, but these are highly localized, community-run (and non-funded, of course) reporting networks. I'm not sure how useful the former would be, but again, my experience is limited and based on second-hand experience.


yeah like an electronic thingy, where people would pool those localized datas

it would be unrealistic to expect everyone wanting to utilize it to have mobile internet but having a donated cell with pay per use card or pay phone uses 50 cents to call one of the local DTES-esque 24hrs resources which would have the access and could run this data search for vehicle plates or cell phone #s


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In the years before cel phones I had heard about small publications, sort of like self-published chapbooks, that sex workers in certain cities/neighbourhoods would circulate among themselves. I'm pretty sure some type of informal communication goes on now in some form or other.



We've had bad date lists like the one mentioned above for decades.   The internet has allowed us to share this electronically also for years.    :)  

Of course it is a concern and a very generous idea by the OP here to mention this.    There are national ones, international ones, there are regional ones, there are some that have strict conditions to enter, and others that are publically viewable (like the one on spoc, for example) to anyone, with a few details left out.

The number one concern seems to be that we have time to create false reports about good people.   The number one concern we have is to share really bad date information to spare other sex workers from harm, but also to help prevent some other issues that occur that are more from a business perspective.    

I would say 1/2 of 1% of the reports are concerning actual assault or danger.   The majority would be things like the guy steals back the money, wants more for less than agreed, threatens with some online harrassment if they don't get more than what was agreed, stupid requests like unsafe activities, so they can be avoided, and other similar types of warnings.  

Online support has changed indoor worker's experiences, to me.  The outdoor worker tended to have each other to pass on warnings, but indoors they just had to get their own screening up and working.   Now with shared info, they can avoid some of the nuisances and dangers as well.  





if you are interested, just google black list, escorts, that kind of thing, you'll see a few things pop up that are maybe 10% of all the ones that are available to us.     :)        II appreciate that there is a reall concern here, but rest assured, been there done that already lol