The Super Bowl Prostitute Myth: 100, 000 Hookers Won't Be Showing Up in Dallas‏

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susan davis
The Super Bowl Prostitute Myth: 100, 000 Hookers Won't Be Showing Up in Dallas‏

By Pete Kotz Thursday, Jan 27 2011

The alarm bells reached peak decibel in November, when Dallas Police
Sergeant Louis Felini told the The Dallas Morning News that between 50,000
and 100,000 prostitutes could descend on the metroplex for the Super Bowl.
The call to outrage had sounded.

His estimate was astonishing. At the higher figure, it meant that every man,
woman and child holding a ticket would have their own personal hooker, from
the vice presidential wing of FedEx to Little Timmy from Green Bay.

And if you believed a study commissioned by the Dallas Women's Foundation,
the hordes would include 38,000 underage prostitutes. Doe-eyed beauties from
the Heartland would be peddled like Jell-O shots at the Delta Phi soiree.

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susan, while I support your position, this article, which I've seen a few others posting on FB, is blatantly anti-feminist and anti-woman and not pro-sex worker in anyway. 

If you could frame the argument yourself, susan, what would you say about it?


susan davis

i agree, it just reminded me of all the rhetoric around the olympics and how many harms emerge in different ways as a result of mis representing the facts.

seems the police needed money so cried human trafficking, sex workers on street bore the brunt of their hatred and finally now it seems that as always, the thousands of sex trafficking victims were a no show.


this is not say that it doesn't happen, just not at the level promoted by some in dallas.


as unfortunate as the language is, it's nice to see mainstream society picking up on the fact that most of the fear mongering around sex traffiking is really aimed at targeting sex workers for arrest, public humiliation,etc. and is born of hatred for sex workers.

you can bet however, that just as happened in vancouver, the people responsible for the mis information leading to uniformed enforcement actions that ultimately killed 3 sex workers of south asian descent here, will not apologize or take any responsibility for the harm they have caused.

i am still living with the after math of the anti olympics sex trafficking campaigns. so many workers migrated here, no one can make any money,... still. these workers are trapped here having come to earn the big money promised by the campaigns when there was no money and then they couldn't afford to get out.many ended up homeless and without a safe place to work inside.

has anyone from the anti trafficking campaigns admit their role in the migration of these workers or the dangers they faced once they arrived and realized it was a lie, there was no money?

no, they continue to blindly beat the drum as if noting happened.

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Thanks susan.

I agree with you, it is a somewhat alternative view to the anti-sex mania for sure. The problem is it activates the same old sexist bullshit. But the issues are important, and deserve to be out there.


Was looking for an already posted thread to add this to, this one seemed most appropriate, but i am sure there is another regarding 2010 Olympics just as relevant.