"We need to face up to hatred of prostitutes – among feminists, too "

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Susan - I am amused by the word "wanker" being used as a pejorative in the context of pornography. That in no way suggests that there is anything wrong with masturbating. If you stop and think about it, I wasn't the one who used the term pejoratively in the first place, nor did my brief comment suggest a value judgment.

Excuse me for having a sense of humour. I'll try to be as humorless as possible from here on out.


ennir wrote:

I am thinking you didn't read the interview, I am thinking that if you did you might be more respectful of Nina Hartley, but then maybe not. lol

True. I didn't. I saw the words 'anti-sex' and merely wanted to comment on that.

Nina Hartley sounds like a cool person, and she has a particular viewpoint. But her view point seems to be playing again on this contrived polarization of "pro vs. anti" sex, as if there is any such thing. It's a silly and false dichotomy. As if there's anyone on the planet who's "anti"-sex. It's cheap and easy rhetoric and it does not help facilitate dialogue or understanding.

PS: Also, I see a distinction between porn work and sex work.


I think everyone should calm down wrt the term 'wankers.' Lots of people masterbate for perfectly good reasons. Differently abled people are but one example I can think of. We have at least one person who might identify with that description contributing to babble. It was funny in high school perhaps. Not now, though.

Let's not mock or even approach mystifying sex or human sexuality. I think this is what people of that other political persuasion have done so well in the past. We are splendid human beings and nothing less.