I wish the CBC would stop creating stupid youth-outreach campaigns...

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I wish the CBC would stop creating stupid youth-outreach campaigns...


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As you are here, I assume you have seen the CBC's latest gimmicky, bullshit interweb, youth crap. It's called "Make a wish" or something equally asinine. Anyway... people are wishing for their Great Canadian whatevers... you know, "I wish Canada would abolish abortion!" or, "Make Tim Horton's cups recyclable" "More NHL teams!" etc.

And so... I decided that I should add my squeaky, young, optimistic voice to this chorus. If you would like to support my wish (and by no means feel obligated) ... just click on that little link. Together we can make a difference. We are the voices of tomorrow.

Another comment from the creator:


I'm taking more of a "let's have some in-depth, critical, accessible programming that's not all about reductive flash, sweet rock licks and graphics that do my head in" angle. i dig public broadcasting. which is why it hurts when CBC tries to go after my demographic (because they don't receive enough funding to do otherwise) with really poorly thought out, gimmicky programming.

I just wish... you know, in my "ideal nation" or whatever that there was no such thing as Dragon's Den and that The Newsroom and Twitch City were always on. That Zed hadn't been cancelled and that political debate was not constantly reduced to facebook and "hip-ified" competition. I wish that there could be a serious, publicly funded alternative which was not as concerned with pandering as with offering engaging programming. That's all.

As a 42-year-old, all I can say is, "Awesome!"


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I second that awesome. My teens turn their noses up at anything geared "at them" too, it insults intelligence methinks.


woah. that's my wish!
I got mentioned on babble?? Dream come true. Thanks!