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Behind The Numbers

Behind The Numbers delivers timely, progressive commentary on issues that affect Canadians, including the economy, poverty, inequality, climate change, budgets, taxes, public services, employment and much more. Contributors include staff and research associates from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA).The views expressed on this blog are those of the individual contributors, and do not necessarily represent the views of the CCPA. Visit the blog at Behindthenumbers.ca.

Blog - Behind The Numbers May 17
Guillaume Hebert | In the past, Québec has developed policy to support the cultural scene in the name of the principle of cultural exception. In the last year, some have put this approach into question entirely.
Blog - Behind The Numbers May 15
Photo: LHOON/flickr
Bertrand Schepper, Laura Handal | On Monday, the Parti québécois government announced a new mining royalty regime. Its hybrid proposal combines aspects from two types of royalty systems: profit-based and ad valorem royalties.
Blog - Behind The Numbers May 14
Photo: colros/flickr
Simon Enoch | This isn't the modernization of labour relations -- it's a return to the past when workers enjoyed less protections, less rights, and less power in the workplace.
Blog - Behind The Numbers May 6
Image: http://worldviewsconference.com/
Erika Shaker | The CCPA's Erika Shaker confesses her addiction to sociology and why she can't stop committing (to) it.
Blog - Behind The Numbers May 3
Hugh Mackenzie, Trish Hennessy | Ontario's 2013 budget is a kinder, gentler version of the last budget Dalton McGuinty tabled a year ago, which launched Ontario into a year of austerity battles with labour.
Blog - Behind The Numbers May 1
Photo from jimmywayne/flickr
Simon Enoch | How much would you give up to get a university education? Two University of Regina students facing deportation have taken sanctuary in a church basement for almost a year to advance their degree.
Blog - Behind The Numbers April 30
Renaud Gignac | The threats related to climate change are thus far from "exaggerated". On the contrary, an unprecedented societal shift is urgently needed.
Blog - Behind The Numbers April 26
Photo: Heather Hutchinson/Flickr
Simon Enoch, Erika Shaker | On the eve of the National Day of Mourning, it's important to address in very concrete terms why unions are so important. Because they save lives.
Blog - Behind The Numbers April 26
Kate McInturff | There is a nice little story tucked into the pages of Canada's Economic Action Plan 2013. It's a sweet tale of Thomas and Colleen and their two children.
Blog - Behind The Numbers April 25
Iglika Ivanova | On April 23, the Fraser Institute released the annual update of their misleading Consumer Tax Index report. The piece is meant to feed the anti-tax sentiment with numbers used for shock value.
Blog - Behind The Numbers April 16
Photo: Francisco Diaz / flickr
Erika Shaker | It's not about a "skills mismatch" or a "labour shortage". It's about governments implementing public policy that facilitates and reinforces corporate greed over public benefit.
Blog - Behind The Numbers April 15
Photo: Nicolo Massa Bernucci/350.org
Marc Lee | Our economic development model is on a collision course with the urgent need for global climate action. Canada badly needs climate leadership to deflate the carbon bubble.
Blog - Behind The Numbers April 10
Simon Tremblay-Pepin, Guillaume Hebert | Reactions to the federal budget differed in Québec in comparison with the rest of the provinces. We will review the budget as whole then measures which caused a big uproar in Québec.
Blog - Behind The Numbers April 4
Simon Tremblay-Pepin | Some myths are just so hard to debunk. For instance, people in Québec generally assume that they are the most taxed in North America.
Blog - Behind The Numbers March 21
Photo: Gavin Schaefer/Flickr
Kate McInturff | The Finance Minister got a new pair of shoes. Canadians got a new federal budget. And women in Canada got another haircut.
Blog - Behind The Numbers March 21
Photo: Caitlin Thompson/Flickr
David Macdonald | In the aggregate, this budget is on austerity autopilot. We need job-creating programs like infrastructure investments -- but what we got was cuts in infrastructure spending.
Blog - Behind The Numbers March 21
Photo: daryl_mitchell/Flickr
Simon Enoch | While Finance Minister Ken Krawetz characterized this week's provincial budget as an example of "balanced growth," perhaps the best metaphor to use would be "paradox of plenty."
Blog - Behind The Numbers March 20
Photo: earthrangers/Flickr
Marc Lee | For the Harper Government, the optics of tabling a balanced budget by 2015, in time for the next election, seem to trump the reality of unemployed Canadians right now.
Blog - Behind The Numbers March 8
Kate McInturff | Closing the gender gap would transform the world we live in -- for men, for women, for the better. Just imagine a world in which you have more time to spend doing the things you love.
Blog - Behind The Numbers February 19
Photo: dazza chazza/Flickr
Simon Enoch | The City of Regina recently announced its intention to enter into a 30-year contract with a private corporation to upgrade its wastewater treatment facilities.
Blog - Behind The Numbers February 18
Photo: Alexandre Guédon/Flickr
Simon Tremblay-Pepin | I've contended for the last two years that between 2005 and 2010, an intensive public relations campaign was undertaken with the aim of increasing tuition fees in Quebec.
Blog - Behind The Numbers February 14
Kate McInturff | This Valentine's Day, 'One Billion Rising' calls on women to dance their way to a future without violence. Now, I'm all for dancing, but I'd like to add a little counting into the mix.
Blog - Behind The Numbers January 31
Photo: w_mdhn/Flickr
Christine Saulnier, Jason Edwards | Statistics Canada released new data on high income trends in Canada with nary a mention of the Atlantic Provinces. The inequality in Atlantic Canada also tells a story that demands illustration.
Blog - Behind The Numbers January 28
Photo: Carol Browne/Flickr
Simon Enoch | Where does the Saskatchewan government stand on the privatization of provincial Crown corporations? Despite rhetorical commitment to the Crowns, it seems like privatization is on the agenda.
Blog - Behind The Numbers January 24
Bruce Campbell | One of goals in my paper, The Petro-Path Not Taken, was to compare Norway and Canada-Alberta's record in distributing petroleum wealth amongst persons and amongst provinces.
Blog - Behind The Numbers January 23
"Destitute pea pickers in California." Photo: Dorothea Lange/Library of Congress
Erika Shaker | Amidst the reluctant media coverage of Idle No More exists a particularly irritating contradiction that centres on how wealth and inequality are examined.
Blog - Behind The Numbers January 22
Ross River, Yukon. Photo: Geoff Fandrick/Flickr
Bertrand Schepper | On December 27 this past year, the appeals court of the Yukon Territory gave an important ruling regarding the rights of First Nations in relation to Yukon's free-entry mining policy.
Blog - Behind The Numbers January 15
John Crump | The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples had much to say about inclusion and the proper functioning of democracy. These are issues that Idle No More is talking about.
Blog - Behind The Numbers January 10
Photo: JaseMan/Flickr
Bertrand Schepper, Philippe Hurteau | For the moment, we let foreign companies extract and leave with resources, devoid as we are of any political will to encourage secondary and tertiary processing on our territory.
Blog - Behind The Numbers December 21
Photo: the_green_squirrel/Flickr
Armine Yalnizyan | You couldn't have made it through 2012 without running into a story about income inequality. A year later, some people think it's time you go back to sleep.