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Charlie Angus's blog

Charlie Angus is the Member of Parliament for Timmins-James Bay.

Blog - Charlie Angus's blog March 19
Sue Rodriguez, assisted suicide trailblazer.
Charlie Angus | You don't ignore a mandate from the Supreme Court. But that seems to be the initial response from the Conservative government on assisted suicide.
Blog - Charlie Angus's blog November 28
Charlie Angus | We continue to see Aboriginal students falling behind and giving up. They aren't the failures. The failure lies with the policies of this federal government.
Blog - Charlie Angus's blog December 30
Charlie Angus | Working on the musical-historical project Four Horses, Charlie Angus came across a dark chapter in Canadian history, and discovered a civil servant who tried to do the right thing.
Blog - Charlie Angus's blog December 13
Charlie Angus recording Four Horses in the Qu'Appelle Valley
Charlie Angus | John A. MacDonald might be revered in Canada's history books, but he used starvation and violence to deliberately break western Indigenous Nations. Angus's anthem "Four Horses" tells this story.
Blog - Charlie Angus's blog October 29
Charlie Angus | Why would the Conservative government undermine the work of the TRC? How is it possible that in 2013, the Federal government would prefer to cover up abuse against aboriginal children?
Blog - Charlie Angus's blog August 20
Photo: wikipedia commons
Charlie Angus | In an open letter to Pierre Poilievre, NDP MP Charlie Angus asks the new Minister for Democratic Reform to undertake a review of Senator requirements and make the Red Chamber accountable again.
Blog - Charlie Angus's blog August 9
Photo: flickr/LFCA
Charlie Angus | NDP MP Charlie Angus writes an open letter to the Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt over the federal government's obligation to fund the legal proceedings of Residential School survivors.
Blog - Charlie Angus's blog July 17
Photo: flickr/quinn.anya
Charlie Angus | Canadians have taken impressive steps against cyber-bullying -- but not when it comes to First Nations. We need to do more to clean up the racism and toxicity in cyberspace.
Blog - Charlie Angus's blog December 25
A sign at a Vancouver Idle No More rally. (Photo: Tamara Herman)
Charlie Angus | Chief Theresa Spence has put her life on the line. This is not a game. This is not a stunt. Every day that Mr. Harper tries to wait out the crisis, the stakes rise higher.
Blog - Charlie Angus's blog December 3
Photo: Roland Tanglao/Flickr
Charlie Angus | The notorious online "snooping" bill, C-30, looks like it may be coming back for round two. It would allow police to gather telecommunications service provider (TSP) subscriber data without warrants.
Blog - Charlie Angus's blog August 31
Charlie Angus | On September 28th, the McGuinty Liberals are planning on silencing the whistle of the Northlander passenger train once and for all.