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John Bennett's blog

John Bennett is the Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada. Sierra Club Canada was established in Canada in 1963 and today has five chapters across the country (BC, Prairie, Ontario, Quebec & Atlantic Canada). Sierra Club Canada also has dozens of local groups across the country in communities from Cape Breton to Vancouver! It also has an amazing youth affiliate -- The Sierra Youth Coalition. Major national campaigns include climate change, nuclear energy, protecting biodiversity and transitioning to a sustainable economy. Sierra Club Canada has earned an excellent reputation within its constituency and the broader public for its thoroughly researched positions and for refusing to compromise on its ideals. Sierra Club Canada believes in the power of people everywhere working together to create a better world for all.
Blog - John Bennett's blog April 1
John Bennett | The Canadian Wheat Board and TransCanada Pipe have announced a new project: EnergyYeast to transport up to 900,000 bushels of grain a day.
Blog - John Bennett's blog June 23
Image: Flickr/Caelie_Frampton
John Bennett | The battle over the Northern Gateway and Keystone tar sands pipelines is the defining moment of our time, and the world is watching.
Blog - John Bennett's blog January 16
Image: Sierra Club
John Bennett | Mercury levels in birds' eggs in the Athabasca regions are still below "acceptable levels" but some could be considered "dangerous." All the studies demonstrate mercury levels are increasing rapidly.
Blog - John Bennett's blog December 21
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John Bennett | The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission wants to transport radioactive liquid in unsafe containers 1000 km through Ontario and New York state. But environmentalists won't keep quiet about it.
Blog - John Bennett's blog December 13
John Bennett | So-called 'Ethical Oil' has filed yet another complaint with the Canada Revenue Agency against the Sierra Club of Canada, just as the annual fall fundraising season began. Coincidence?
Blog - John Bennett's blog November 11
John Bennett | I don't accept this new culture of defeat; of cut-and-run politics. That's not Canada. Climate change is the most pressing issue facing humanity. It's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.
Blog - John Bennett's blog October 24
John Bennett | The RCMP dawn raid on Elsipogtog was the opening salvo in a war on the Mi’kmaq and other First Nations who would hold up energy/resource extraction in Canada.
Blog - John Bennett's blog October 10
John Bennett | The Sierra Club of Canada is doing everything it can to raise public awareness of its #SaveTheBees campaign -- it won't stop until it wins a ban on bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides.
Blog - John Bennett's blog September 11
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John Bennett | Prime Minister Harper has written to President Obama with an offer of reducing Tar Sands emissions in exchange for approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. John Bennett asks Obama to refuse that offer.
Blog - John Bennett's blog September 2
Niagara wetlands
John Bacher | 500 acres of prime grape-growing land, Carolinian forests and extensive wetlands are vulnerable to urban sprawl inside the "Black Belt" of the Niagara escarpment.
Blog - John Bennett's blog June 28
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John Bennett | Bee pollination is essential to the functioning of our ecosystem and the production of all fruits and vegetables. When bee populations start to mysteriously and rapidly die-off, it’s a big deal.
Blog - John Bennett's blog June 25
John Bennett | This afternoon, President Obama gave what may turn out to be one of the most important speeches in American history.
Blog - John Bennett's blog June 17
John Bennett | John Bennett talks mix tapes and toxic waste water spills as he takes a nostalgic look at what the Healing Walks organized by the Keepers of the Athabasca are meant to recover.
Blog - John Bennett's blog June 10
John Bennett | The facts are pretty clear: bee populations are in freefall. Perhaps there are multiple causes, but the only factor we can control and firmly take action on is the use of neonicotinoid pesticides.
Blog - John Bennett's blog June 3
Photo: flickr/Environmental Defence
John Bennett | Canadian Environment Week runs from June 2 - 8 this year. As you might guess, it's not a big priority for the Harper Government. John Bennett takes stock of what's left to celebrate -- or not.
Blog - John Bennett's blog May 30
John Bennett | Are we willing to leave our endangered species a little room on the planet or must we take it all away? Sadly, that's the question facing Canada's 300 endangered and 400 threatened species.
Blog - John Bennett's blog April 26
John Bennett | On behalf of Canadians, I would like to extend a full and sincere apology to Dr. James Hansen. He is owed an apology for recent derogatory remarks by Joe Oliver, the Minister of Natural Resources.
Blog - John Bennett's blog April 22
John Bennett | On this Earth Day I am urging you to take a moment and help us fight for the protection of people living downstream of the Tar Sands.
Blog - John Bennett's blog April 16
John Bennett | I want to alert you to the most recent attack on environmental protection and democracy in this country and share with you a letter I wrote to Gaetain Caron, Chair and CEO, National Energy Board.
Blog - John Bennett's blog April 1
John Bennett | Environment Minister Peter Kent will be in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut today to announce a new Canadian climate change adaptation project in partnership with American and German scientists.
Blog - John Bennett's blog March 21
John Bennett | The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has decided not to hold public hearings before permitting Atomic Energy Canada Limited to proceed with radioactive convoys through Ontario.
Blog - John Bennett's blog March 8
John Bennett | It's not easy being green… but it's not rocket science either. All we need is federal leadership! Below is a short checklist of what Canada needs to do to be green again.
Blog - John Bennett's blog February 25
John Bennett | There is a lot of confusion these days over just what the fight over the Keystone XL pipeline is all about. Why would 35,000 people journey to Washington to chant slogans in the freezing cold?
Blog - John Bennett's blog February 5
John Bennett | Sierra Club Canada congratulates outgoing Environment Commissioner Scott Vaughan on an honest, hard hitting report on the lack of environmental stewardship by the federal government.
Blog - John Bennett's blog January 30
John Bennett | In the U.S., the Sierra Club has chosen to take up civil disobedience in opposition to the Keystone Pipeline -- a line in the sand, as it were. So where do we go from here?
Blog - John Bennett's blog January 24
John Bennett | This week we launched a campaign to convince the Ontario government to NOT end permitting for projects that impact provincially recognized endangered species.
Blog - John Bennett's blog December 18
John Bennett | Last year I told you about a storm gathering here in Ottawa that threatened to blow Sierra Club and other environmental groups out of existence. Unfortunately, much of what I predicted came to pass.
Blog - John Bennett's blog December 7
John Bennett | I’ve been watching reality TV this week (yes I really was) on CNSC TV (not SCTV, but not dissimilar in some ways), the web channel of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).
Blog - John Bennett's blog October 4
John Bennett | I'm on the bus writing about what happened in Parliament last Friday. I still can't get the day out of my mind. MP Megan Leslie called for an emergency debate on the rapid ice melt in the Arctic.
Blog - John Bennett's blog September 24
John Bennett | We're no longer dealing with facts and science but have entered a new age marked by a permanent Orwellian disinformation campaign designed to confuse and mislead.