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Making Waves

Analysis of Canadian water politics by the Council of Canadians' national water campaigner.
Blog - Making Waves March 31
Emma Lui | A primer on key water issues in B.C. leading up to the election on May 9th, including pipelines, fracking, and bottled water.
Blog - Making Waves February 28
Emma Lui | This morning, Lynn Chapman, member of the Peace Valley Environmental Association, and I met with Jonathon Wilkinson, North Vancouver MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the MOECC.
Blog - Making Waves January 14
Image: Colin Smith
Emma Lui | Today the Supreme Court of Canada rejected Alberta landowner Jessica Ernst's legal challenge to sue the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) for denying her right to freedom of expression under the Charter.
Blog - Making Waves December 9
Water samples collected from Sherbrooke Lake, Big Mushamush Lake, Little Mushamu
Emma Lui | In order to protect water, we need governments to see the importance of water to communities and local economies.
Blog - Making Waves October 26
Emma Lui | The Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities has extended the deadline for written comments to November 9, 2016.
Blog - Making Waves March 30
Photo: Council of Canadians board member Moira Peters and packed audience listen
Emma Lui | With the Trudeau government's mediocre budget tabled on World Water Day, activists who work to protect water year-round are proof that the change we seek will come from communities and the ground up.
Blog - Making Waves March 25
Emma Lui | An analysis of water funding in the 2016 federal budget.
Blog - Making Waves November 14
Photo of Grand River at the Elora Gorge by the Grand River Conservation Authorit
Emma Lui | Add your voice and tell the Ontario government why you think protecting water for communities is important.
Blog - Making Waves October 20
Emma Lui, Kaitlyn Mitchell | In the final stretch of the campaign trail, Justin Trudeau -- Canada's next prime minister and leader of a majority government -- vowed to end boil-water advisories on First Nations reserves.
Blog - Making Waves September 29
Emma Lui | There is a reason that exporting water should continue to be a political no-go zone: we don't have water in such an abundance that we can divert or ship it to the U.S.
Blog - Making Waves September 26
Photo: Flickr: theo_reth
Emma Lui | This blog gives an overview of some key water issues, parties' positions and includes questions to ask local candidates.
Blog - Making Waves August 4
Meera Karunananthan, Aine O'Connor | Five years ago, the United Nations formally recognized the human right to water and sanitation by passing resolution 64/292.
Blog - Making Waves July 28
CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Jen Castro
Emma Lui | At the sixth annual Unist'ot'en Camp, a diversity of people met to discuss how we could lend solidarity to the Unist'ot'en people fighting numerous oil and gas pipelines on their territory.
Blog - Making Waves July 27
Emma Lui | The B.C. Water Act could end up prioritizing permits held by Nestlé, fracking or other companies over municipalities, small farmers or other community water uses.
Blog - Making Waves June 23
Photo by Brad Caribou Legs Firth
Emma Lui | Over 400 kilometres into his run to Ottawa, Caribou Legs spent the last few days in Chase, B.C. Chase, Salmon Arm and the local waterways are threatened by the proposed Ruddock Creek mine.
Blog - Making Waves June 22
Photo by Bradley Caribou Legs Firth, Three Valley Lake, Revelstoke, B.C.
Emma Lui | Ultra-marathoner Caribou Legs is on a run to Ottawa to draw attention to the need to protect our lakes and rivers. Here's what you can do to support his run and #pledge2protect our waterways.
Blog - Making Waves May 14
Emma Lui | This week, Indigenous lawyer Caleb Behn, Dr. Kathleen Nolan and Emma Lui presented to members of Parliament and senators urging meaningful action from the federal government on fracking.
Blog - Making Waves May 7
Emma Lui | The Yukon Party government's recent decision to allow fracking in the Liard basin in southeast Yukon has reignited resolve in the territory to protect the lakes and rivers from fracking.
Blog - Making Waves April 23
Photo of Desert Mirage by Brocken Inaglory
Emma Lui | Budget 2015 actually allocates very little to water protection. The massive cuts to water departments and programs overall overshadow what little funding there actually is.
Blog - Making Waves April 21
Emma Lui | Fractured Land tells the story of Caleb Behn, who is Eh Cho Dene and Dunne-Za from Treaty 8 Territory, and his struggle in defending his territory from fracking operations.
Blog - Making Waves March 20
Photo: Detroit Water Brigade
Meera Karunananthan | Join the national call-in days and demand that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Mayor Duggan end the water shutoffs, restore water to residents and implement the People's Water Affordability Plan.
Blog - Making Waves March 17
Emma Lui | With Bottled Water Free Day March 16 and World Water Day on Sunday, celebrate and help protect drinking water. Here are some actions you can take.
Blog - Making Waves December 19
Photo by Climate Justice Montreal
Emma Lui | Communities are celebrating three victories against fracking this week. Quebec, New York and New Brunswick all rejected fracking after years of opposition from communities.
Blog - Making Waves December 16
Photo: Islands in the St Lawrence/flickr (modified)
Emma Lui | The Great Lakes Commission released its draft report on the transport of crude oil in the Great Lakes region, which provides an overview of the increase of crude oil transportation in the area.
Blog - Making Waves December 9
Photo: eggrole/flickr
Emma Lui | Communities in Atlantic Canada are currently dealing with the fallout of fracking projects that occurred prior to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia's moratoriums. Where is the federal government?
Blog - Making Waves December 8
Photo: Alex Guibord/flickr
Emma Lui | Last month, Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau gave a speech to the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships where he promoted P3s as a solution to infrastructure needs.
Blog - Making Waves October 16
Emma Lui | In March, the beleaguered—some would say besieged—city of Detroit, Michigan announced it would begin shutting off water services to between 1,500 and 3,000 households every week.
Blog - Making Waves October 9
Emma Lui | Suncor is setting a precedent around the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Basin with its new shipments of bitumen on the St. Lawrence River.
Blog - Making Waves July 30
Emma Lui | Detroit has drawn international attention in recent weeks for cutting off water to low-income residents. The Council of Canadians led a convoy to shed light and show solidarity with those affected.
Blog - Making Waves June 5
Emma Lui | Here are five points that debunk the myth that if we protect our water and climate, we are "anti-jobs."