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Indigenous Nationhood

Dr. Pamela D. Palmater is a Mi'kmaw lawyer and member of the Eel River Bar First Nation in New Brunswick. She teaches Indigenous law, politics and governance at Ryerson University and heads their Centre for Indigenous Governance.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood August 10
Women’s Memorial March - Vancouver. Photo: Jen Castro/flickr
Pam Palmater | Since its launch, the inquiry has been criticized for its numerous and lengthy delays, its failures to communicate with the families and its continued failure to provide information.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood May 18
Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Pamela Palmater | Given that its terms focus on the "vulnerabilities" of Indigenous women and girls as opposed to failures of governments and service agencies -- the inquiry risks missing the whole point.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood August 2
Image: PMO/Adam Scotti
Pamela Palmater | Trudeau himself promised that the national inquiry would investigate "uncomfortable truths" and seek concrete actions related specifically to law enforcement.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood May 16
Image: PMO Photo by Adam Scotti
Pam Palmater | Last week, former prime minister Paul Martin told the media that Canadians weren't racist, it's just that Indigenous people are invisible to many of them. That's a bit rich, argues Pam Palmater.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood April 15
Image: Flickr/amy dame
Pamela Palmater | The Supreme Court ruling on Daniels vs. Canada does not bolster Métis claims, but instead confuses them. Pam Palmater clarifies the decision and what it does and does not say.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood March 23
Image: Flickr/UN Women
Pamela Palmater | Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won the hearts of many Canadians by finally getting rid of Stephen Harper and his decade of oppression, violation of civil rights and vilification of First Nations.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood February 1
College Street Protest - Riot Police
Pamela Palmater | Gang rapes, murders and planting evidence: it's not a new Netflix series, it's Ontario policing.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood November 20
Former AFN Grand Chief Shawn Atleo
Pamela Palmater | There is still a great deal of work to undo the harm that was done and prepare the path ahead for a safer, healthier and more just future for First Nations and Canadians alike.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood November 4
New justice minister and former First Nations chief Jody Wilson-Raybould
Pamela Palmater | The very act of being in cabinet sets the minister directly against First Nation interests.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood August 9
Artwork: Fanny Aïshaa. Original photography of Amanda Polshies (Elsipogtog): Oss
Pamela Palmater | Our greatest source of power has always been and always will be in our people.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood July 13
Some of the NGOs in Geneva Switzerland
Pamela Palmater | Pamela Palmater's brief to the United Nation's first review in 10 years of Canada's adherence to human rights treaties.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood July 7
Pamela Palmater | Statement of Pamela Palmater to the 114th Human Rights Committee Session: Formal Briefing on Canada.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood June 15
St. Paul's Indian Industrial School, Manitoba, 1901
Pamela Palmater | It's on the rest of us to stand up for the truth and ensure Canadians know everything that happened in the schools covered in this report and the ones not yet exposed.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood June 9
"Indian Village, Alert Bay, 1912" oil on canvas, Emily Carr (non-Aboriginal arti
Pamela Palmater | In light of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Canada's record suggests that the Indian problem was more about Indians refusing to die off, than maintaining different languages and cultures.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood May 13
Pamela Palmater | In a heated exchange during the Senate Standing Committee on National Security and Defence, Pamela Palmater talks about the extent to which First Nations are targeted by military and law enforcement.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood April 13
Pamela Palmater | Minister Bernard Valcourt has alleged that the majority of murdered Aboriginal women are killed by Aboriginal men. His stats are skewed; but worse, his claim is an egregious example of victim blaming.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood April 9
Pamela Palmater
Pamela Palmater | Dr. Pamela Palmater spoke to Response to the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security on Bill C-51. Here's what she said.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood February 20
Image: Flickr/Thienv
Pamela Palmater | Racism doesn't just hurt feelings -- racism kills. It's time for Canadians to support and stand up for this land's Aboriginal people.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood February 12
Pamela Palmater | Experts and commentators have called Harper's new anti-terror bill, which will create a secret police force, terrifying, illegal, unconstitutional, dictatorial and totalitarianism.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood November 26
Image: Flickr/PMWebphotos
Pamela Palmater | Bill C-27, the so-called First Nation Financial Transparency Act is a racist piece of legislation, a classic deflection tactic that relies on the myth of the corrupt band leader to divide us.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood October 21
Pamela Palmater | For 20 years, Lynn Gehl, who shares five generations of Algonquin heritage, has been denied Indian status in Canada because of unstated paternity. Yesterday, she got her day in court.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood May 30
Image: www.laurieriverlodge.com
Pamela Palmater | A fishing and wilderness lodge profiting from Cree lands and relying on traditional expertise for its guides publishes brochure warning guests not to offer alcohol to Cree employees.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood May 23
Image: Flickr/NNWO
Pamela Palmater | The UN's Rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous Peoples, James Anaya, notes the contradiction between the abysmal living conditions of Canada's First Nations and the rich value of their land.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood May 16
Pamela Palmater | This has been a difficult month for Prime Minister Stephen Harper in terms of Crown-First Nations relations. The First Nations Education Act has met fierce resistance.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood May 9
Image: Facebook
Pamela Palmater | Even following National Chief Shawn Atleo's resignation, the First Nations Education Act is not dead, only "on hold." Don't stop fighting until it's dead, says Pamela Palmater.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood May 3
Image: flickr/pmwebphotos
Pamela Palmater | The First Nations of Canada have to stay united against FNEA to save Aboriginal cultures and languages for future generations.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood April 30
Image: wikimedia commons
Pamela Palmater | Recognition of First Nation jurisdiction and adequate funding could change lives of First Nations and Canadians as we know it. The new First Nations Education Act accomplishes none of this.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood March 7
Image: flickr/PremierofAlberta
Pamela Palmater | Every time National Chief Shawn Atleo or Stephen Harper speaks, it becomes more and more apparent that they are not of the same mind in terms of what FNEA entails.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood February 18
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Pamela Palmater | A closer inspection of the budget "promises" reveals very real threats to First Nations treaty rights, forcing Aboriginal people to become willing partners -- or go to jail.
Blog - Indigenous Nationhood February 11
First Nations Administration Office, Attawapiskat First Nation
Pamela Palmater | On Friday Prime Minister Stephen Harper and National AFN Chief Shawn Atleo announced "re-tooled" education legislation. What did First Nations actually get from this announcement?