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Steven Shrybman's blog

Steven Shrybman is a lawyer with Sack, Goldblatt, Mitchell LLP. His practice focuses on international trade and public interest litigation, including issues concerning the environment, health care, human and labour rights, the protection of public services, natural resources policy, and intellectual property rights. Steven frequently speaks, and has written extensively, on the impact of international trade law on diverse areas of Canadian policy and law. He has also been involved in drafting and promoting conventions on cultural diversity and access to water as a human right.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog October 16
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Steven Shrybman | Can the Government simply take the assets from farmers who paid for and built those assets without paying the farmers for them? Yesterday the Federal Court said yes.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog May 9
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Steven Shrybman | Unless Yves Côté, the Commissioner of Canada Elections, changes his tune, political parties will remain unaccountable for the misuse of their databases for the last election or the next.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog March 12
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Steven Shrybman | Stephen Harper's appalling response to the Ukraine crisis and his recent unprecedented arms sale to Saudi Arabia cast new light on his trip to Israel earlier this year.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog February 12
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Steven Shrybman | We've already told you why there's nothing fair about Prime Minister Harper's "Fair" Elections act. Here's how to actually stop election fraud.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog February 11
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Steven Shrybman | The new so-called "Fair" Elections Act will do nothing to curtail the type of voter fraud that benefited Conservative candidates in the last federal election.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog January 16
Steven Shrybman | While many argue "clean"-burning natural gas as a bridging fuel that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the ecological cost of fracking means LNG is more of a gangplank than a bridge.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog November 7
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Steven Shrybman | When it comes to Pierre and Justin Trudeau, it seems the apple can fall quite far from the tree.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog June 3
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Steven Shrybman | Federal Court's verdict represents a complete vindication of contention that widespread voter fraud took place during the 2011 Federal Election. Next step? Find the smoking gun.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog May 19
Steven Shrybman | Jeffrey Simpson doesn't seem to understand -- or want to understand the pitfalls of private health care delivery. Here's how he gets it wrong, says Steven Shrybman.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog May 5
Steven Shrybman | Michael Enright's show this a.m. examines the steady decline of the Canadian jobs market. A key focus is on the failures of corporate Canada -- really?
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog April 29
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Steven Shrybman | Many will be aware of the U.S.-based campaign to stop Keystone XL pipeline for ecological reasons. But Canadians have another reason to oppose this grotesque sell-off of the nation's patrimony.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog April 9
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Steven Shrybman | At its upcoming policy convention the NDP will once again debate whether it should abandon any reference, prominent or otherwise, to democratic "socialism".
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog March 6
Steven Shrybman | If CETA negotiations succeed, the result will fragment Canada's constitutional landscape by creating 'have' and 'have-not' provinces where the scarce resource will be the capacity to govern.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog February 12
Steven Shrybman | In my last post, I noted that the Conservative Party admitted it was behind recent misleading robocalls in Saskatchewan only after being confronted by forensic evidence linking it to the calls.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog February 11
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Steven Shrybman | Okay, I disagree with lots of things Stephen Harper says, but the latest is his opinion that robocalls recently made in Saskatchewan on behalf of the Conservative Party do not violate CRTC rules.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog August 7
Steven Shrybman | A decision by a court in Ecuador holding Chevron accountable for the damages the company cause shows that a revival of domestic judicial systems may be antidote needed to redress investment law.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog February 26
Steven Shrybman | There is a remedy to the robocalls under the Elections Canada Act that many may not be aware of, in s. 524(1) of the Act.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog December 7
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Steven Shrybman | Justice Campbell expressed no hesitation in granting a request by the Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board and the Canadian Wheat Board that "the Minister's conduct is an affront to the rule of law."
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog October 19
Steven Shrybman | In a month or so, the Ontario Court of Appeal will hear a case that will set important legal standards for P3s in Canada.