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The Mainlander

The Mainlander is the Lower Mainland’s go-to online publication for coverage of municipal politics. Traditionally a working-class city, developers and speculators have transformed Vancouver into North America's most unaffordable resort-town -- but not without a fight. <a href="www.themainlander.com" target="_blank">The Mainlander</a> chronicles the daily struggle between residents and capital, a struggle waged from the legal terrain of zoning bylaws, to the halls of resident councils, to the streets of the Downtown Eastside.
Blog - The Mainlander January 9
Hamilton, H.G. | On June 24th, 2014, Vancouver city council voted unanimously to formally acknowledge that the city is built on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, and Squamish Indigenous peoples.
Blog - The Mainlander October 6
Harsha Walia | This past week an all-white jury listened to testimony at the inquest into the death of Lucia Vega Jimenez while in Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) custody. What it found should be shocking.
Blog - The Mainlander August 15
Artwork by Rocky Tobey. Found at Justseeds.
William Winter | On Prison Justice Day, this past Sunday, August 10, people both inside and outside the prison system came together in solidarity against prisons and the global rise of hyper-incarceration.
Blog - The Mainlander August 5
Daniel Tseghay | Primitive accumulation, through violent dispossession, has since given way to quieter, less visible, structures of constant displacement.
Blog - The Mainlander July 26
Nathan Crompton, Maria Wallstam | Like hundreds of others across Vancouver, we are marching this Saturday to end homelessness. But homelessness is only the most extreme expression of the housing crisis in our city.
Blog - The Mainlander June 25
Photo credit: Melanie Cervantes
Harsha Walia | With recent media scandals about the abuse of temporary foreign workers and the subsequent outrage, Minister Jason Kenney has announced a number of changes to the TFWP.
Blog - The Mainlander June 13
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Natalie Knight | The following is a speech by Natalie Knight delivered at “Decolonization 101,” a panel organized by Streams of Justice on June 2, 2014.
Blog - The Mainlander June 9
Daniel Tseghay | Today, a report entitled “Endless, Arbitrary and Unfair: The Truth about Immigration Detention in Canada” is being released by No One is Illegal – Toronto and the End Immigration Detention Network
Blog - The Mainlander June 3
Harsha Walia | Calls for a Sanctuary City have been made in Vancouver at the policy level and by service providers since at least 2005, but are now finally taking root with the leadership of grassroots groups.
Blog - The Mainlander March 20
Photo: Erica Holt
Nathan Crompton, Tristan Markle, Maria Wallstam | After three days of public hearings, Vancouver city council has approved the Downtown Eastside local area plan, which will weaken protections for affordable housing and will worsen the housing crisis.
Blog - The Mainlander March 7
Nathan Crompton, Daniel Tseghay, Tristan Markle, Sean Antrim, Maria Wallstam | Vancouver is the most unaffordable city in North America. How does the real-estate influence the municipal and provincial government to keep housing prices high?
Blog - The Mainlander September 26
Nathan Crompton, Maria Wallstam | Mayor and police board dismiss DTES complaint of discriminatory ticketing
Blog - The Mainlander August 16
Model of False Creek. Photo: Maysa Phares
Maria Wallstam | In the midst of an affordable housing shortage, including a virtual freeze on the construction of non-market housing, it goes without saying that Vancouver needs more housing.
Blog - The Mainlander August 2
Bill Young | There is a trend in Vancouver toward anti-cultural and pro-developer policies concerning noise.
Blog - The Mainlander July 25
Nathan Crompton, Maria Wallstam | This year marks 100 years since the dispossession of the Kitsilano Reserve.
Blog - The Mainlander July 5
Nicholas Ellan, Richard Marquez | Cuchillo is much more than just another edgy dining spot: it marks a new bourgeois cultural and socio-spatial shift in the Oppenheimer district.
Blog - The Mainlander July 4
Jose Guadalupe Posada, “Calavera de Don Quijote” Mexican printmaker & political
Nicholas Ellan, Richard Marquez | This week another high-end destination restaurant has opened in the heart of the Downtown Eastside, this time in the main floor of the low-income affordable York Rooms hotel at 261 Powell Street.
Blog - The Mainlander June 16
Gillian Creese | Migration is often a story about loss and struggle as much as new beginnings. In spite of ideologies of multicultural acceptance in Vancouver, migrants from sub-Saharan Africa have experienced exclus
Blog - The Mainlander May 31
Maria Wallstam | The City of Vancouver has recently announced that it will be using four city-owned sites to develop affordable housing.
Blog - The Mainlander May 22
Tristan Markle, Maria Wallstam | This week the city approved a subsidy exceeding 1 million dollars to a real estate corporation for a market housing development.
Blog - The Mainlander May 16
Daniel Tseghay | Over the past decade, the Canadian economy has become increasingly dependent upon exploited temporary foreign workers, in large part through the Canadian government’s Seasonal Agricultural Worker Prog
Blog - The Mainlander May 15
Nathan Crompton | In reality the NDP allowed itself no alternative platform from which to launch a criticism against the BC Liberal record.
Blog - The Mainlander May 7
Ivan Drury | Since we got first involved in the Downtown Eastside Local Area Planning Process (LAPP) in the spring of 2011, low-income community members and groups have been hanging our hopes for broad-sweeping ho
Blog - The Mainlander April 30
The Social Housing Coalition BC | The news is in: the 100,000 people who are living in B.C. facing homelessness are not an election issue for the NDP or BC Liberals. The homeless do not have a party.
Blog - The Mainlander April 26
Claire Vulliamy | As the elections for three of the nine Board of Directors positions draw to a close at Vancity (today is the last day to vote), members will soon know who will hold the decision-making power.
Blog - The Mainlander April 26
Kim Hearty, Nicholas Ellan | On Monday, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson confirmed his support of the criminalization of dissent.
Blog - The Mainlander April 23
Maria Wallstam and Nathan Crompton | Vancity provides funding both to large-scale gentrifiers and to anti-gentrification groups in the DTES.
Blog - The Mainlander April 18
Photo credit: DM GILLIS
Nathan Crompton | After nine steady weeks of nightly protests by anti-poverty activists in front of the PiDGiN restaurant in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, police have stated that they plan to arrest picketers.
Blog - The Mainlander April 9
Maria Wallstam | A systemic crisis of lost jobs and lost housing is being papered over with private deals and subsidies for a select number of elite players.
Blog - The Mainlander April 8
Nathan Crompton, Maria Wallstam | Yesterday COPE members voted in favour of a slate of candidates pledging independence from corporate parties like Vision Vancouver in next year’s municipal elections.