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The Mainlander

The Mainlander is the Lower Mainland’s go-to online publication for coverage of municipal politics.
Traditionally a working-class city, developers and speculators have transformed Vancouver into North America's most unaffordable resort-town -- but not without a fight. The Mainlander chronicles the daily struggle between residents and capital, a struggle waged from the legal terrain of zoning bylaws, to the halls of resident councils, to the streets of the Downtown Eastside.

Blog - The Mainlander April 1
Maria Wallstam | On Wednesday, March 27, residents across the city joined together to walk 14.5km across Vancouver for Welfare Justice.
Blog - The Mainlander March 27
Maria Wallstam and Nathan Crompton | At noon on Friday March, 22nd, Homeless Dave began a hunger strike in support of housing rights and social justice in the Downtown Eastside.
Blog - The Mainlander March 25
Nathan Crompton | This past week newspapers reported on Vancouver’s high number of empty condos.
Blog - The Mainlander January 31
Image: Jenn Jackson July 2012, installed at The Crying Room, Vancouver
Nathan Crompton | This past December, the Conservatives forced through legislative changes to nearly every aspect of First Nations life in Canada.
Blog - The Mainlander November 22
Andy Longhurst | What is really behind Vancouver's quest to be the "Greenest City"? What is the relationship between gentrification and environmentalism?
Blog - The Mainlander September 27
Nathan Crompton | For a long time Vancouver elites have struggled to square the circle of how to produce housing affordability without negatively affecting developer profits and property owners’ interests.
Blog - The Mainlander August 23
Nathan Crompton | The first part in a series by Nathan Crompton on the redevelopment of Heather Place, an imperiled affordable housing development in central Vancouver.
Blog - The Mainlander August 16
Maria Wallstam and Nathan Crompton | In addition to failing to place a threshold on rent, Vision’s ongoing policies of facilitating renoviction and rental-demolition show no sign of changing direction.
Blog - The Mainlander August 8
Andrew Witt | Yang Fudong’s highly-stylized, black-and-white film, Fifth Night (2010), best resembles a state of purgatory.
Blog - The Mainlander July 20
Nathan Crompton | In the four years since the financial crisis of 2008 brought a North American-wide collapse in housing prices, the Canadian government has successfully tried to bring real-estate prices back up.
Blog - The Mainlander July 19
Andy Longhurst | Vision Vancouver and city planners have recently launched a series of highly branded “ideas competitions” with design-heavy titles like re:THINK and re:CONNECT.
Blog - The Mainlander July 18
Photo Courtesy of Chris Bevacqua
Maria Wallstam | The already dire housing crisis in Vancouver is about to worsen with the mass expiration of funding and operating agreements for 25,000 social housing units.
Blog - The Mainlander June 29
Tristan Markle | The City of Vancouver's housing task force has proposed the creation of a municipal Housing Authority and a Land Bank, but will the proposals actually be implemented?
Blog - The Mainlander May 3
Bob Rennie with the developers of the Olympic Village
Sean Antrim | This past Friday afternoon it was announced that real estate tycoon Bob Rennie and former public servant Judy Rogers would be appointed as Commissioners of BC Housing.
Blog - The Mainlander January 24
Sean Antrim, Andrew Witt | Right in the centre of Vancouver's working-class heart, a precedent-setting new luxury condo is in its re-zoning application phase.
Blog - The Mainlander November 11
Tristan Markle | Here are five basic things you'll need to know to guide you through the fog of the 2011 Vancouver civic election campaign.
Blog - The Mainlander November 9
Nathan Cromptan and Tristan Markle | Monday's mayoral debate on homelessness and affordable housing was a heated fight -- not between the two candidates, but between the City and its residents.
Blog - The Mainlander November 9
Tristan Markle | Ashlie Gogh's lost future has registered public attention because the overdose occurred at a political protest camp -- Occupy Vancouver.
Blog - The Mainlander November 3
Photo credit flickr user [expletive_deleted]
Sean Antrim | A massive, global social movement has erupted weeks before a municipal election. Its goal is to bring light to the injustice and unsustainability of a corrupt capitalist system.
Blog - The Mainlander October 7
Tristan Markle | As protests in solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet spread across the continent, the "99 per centers" here are beginning to think about what #OccupyVancouver might look like. This is a good thing.
Blog - The Mainlander July 14
Sean Antrim | In Vancouver, a tax-incentive program is being used to increase Vancouver's affordable housing stock. It has given tens of millions to developers and built no affordable housing.
Blog - The Mainlander June 16
Tristan Markle | Vancouver's Stanley Cup riots were not carried out by a few bad apples, but were rather the logical conclusion of weeks of jingoism.
Blog - The Mainlander June 2
Tristan Markle | For the second time in a generation, a Vancouver 'reform' party won a mandate for change, but delivered more of the same.
Blog - The Mainlander May 29
Maria Wallstam and Nathan Crompton | This month more buildings were added to the list of disappearing affordable housing in Vancouver. On May 1 the Colonial and Seaview hotels were privatized, with rents scheduled to increase.
Blog - The Mainlander May 27
Sean Antrim and Tristan Markle | According to Metro Vancouver's Homelessness Count, the number of homeless folks in Vancouver increased over the last three years. But you wouldn't realize it from all the political spin.