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Yves Engler's Blog

Dubbed "Canada's version of Noam Chomsky" (Georgia Straight), “one of the most important voices on the Canadian Left today” (Briarpatch), “in the mould of I. F. Stone” (Globe and Mail), "ever-insightful" (rabble.ca) and a "Leftist gadfly" (Ottawa Citizen), Yves Engler has published nine books. His latest is A Propaganda System: how Canada's government, corporations, media and academia sell war and exploitation.

Blog - Yves Engler's Blog October 16
Venezualan President Nicolás Maduro with members of his government. Photo: Xavier Granja Cedeño/Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores Comercio e Integración/Wikimedia Commons
Yves Engler | Requesting the International Criminal Court investigate Venezuela's government is a significant escalation in Ottawa's campaign of interference in the domestic affairs of another country.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog October 13
Image: US Air Force
Yves Engler | Canada's aid agency has spent tens of millions of dollars on media projects designed in part to draw journalists into its orbit and shape perceptions of Ottawa’s international policies.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog October 11
Canadian Forces light armoured vehicle on display. Photo: Mike Babcock/Flickr
Yves Engler | In a system where money talks, militarists on Parliament Hill will always be among the loudest voices. To rise above their din, we need to figure out ways to amplify the Canadians who prefer peace.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog October 5
Streetcars lined up on Queens Quay in Toronto. Photo: Evan Goldenberg/Wikimedia Commons
Yves Engler | Free public transit could combat both economic inequality and climate disturbances. It could also be part of a serious challenge to private, car-centred transit and urban planning.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog October 2
Part of the wall separating most of the West Bank from areas inside Israel. Photo: Montecruz Foto/Flickr
Yves Engler | The dalliance between Doug Ford, Faith Goldy, B'nai Brith and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs highlights the links between white nationalism, right-wing politics and nationalist campaigners.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog October 1
Israel flag outside by the Western Wall, Old City of Jerusalem. Photo: Christyn/Flickr
Yves Engler | The NDP should withdraw from the Canada-Israel Interparliamentary Group to send a message that the State of Israel is currently on a path that is unacceptable to the NDP and its members.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog September 25
Nicolas Maduro. Photo: President of the Russian Federation/Wikimedia Commons
Yves Engler | In their push for regime change, Ottawa is backing talk of an invasion of Venezuela.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog September 21
Yves Engler | If we claim to be the "doctors without borders" of international relations, shouldn't Canada swear to "first do no harm" like MDs before beginning practice?
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog September 19
Parking lot in Vancouver. Photo: velkr0/Flickr
Yves Engler | Even the most walkable, bike-able and mass transit-oriented neighbourhoods still require parking spots to be built in new residences.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog September 18
Augusto Pinochet. Photo: fpealvarez/Flickr
Yves Engler | Since it doesn't serve to justify further domination by the powerful, few in the Canadian media commemorate the "original 9/11." Even fewer recognize Canada's role in the U.S.-backed coup.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog September 4
Yves Engler | Canada's proportion of the world's 59 biggest banks is more than 15 times this country's share of global population.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog August 30
Image: Canadian Armed Forces/Flickr
Yves Engler | The NDP leadership's response to noted war hawk John McCain's death is shameful. Even worse, it reflects a general hostility towards the victims of Western imperialism.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog August 29
Canada 150 RCAF CF-18 Fighter Jet. Photo: Wilson Hui/Flickr
Yves Engler | The problem with glorifying soldiers is that veterans' organizations can use their cultural standing to uphold militarism and reactionary politics.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog August 15
Yves Engler | The Trudeau government has largely maintained the Conservative government's pro-Saudi policies and support for Riyadh's belligerence in the region.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog August 11
Yves Engler | Trudeau should see Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman's diplomatic break and raise him a wide-ranging ethical challenge. Here's how.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog August 8
Yves Engler | If you agree that answering the question "Are we doing all that we could be doing in the world?" requires some critical voices, you may not like the way international development NGOs are funded.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog August 2
Yves Engler | Bernie Farber has been a leading proponent of the idea that expressing support for Palestinians is anti-Semitism, yet he has standing among some Left/liberals.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog July 30
Yves Engler | The military's immense resources and cultural clout enables it to attract Indigenous youth to become soldiers. But First Nations have more reason than most to be wary of the Canadian Forces.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog July 25
Image: Freedom Homes/Wikimedia Commons
Yves Engler | Despite abundant evidence that nothing approaching the fantasy of free market capitalism exists, the myth persists to legitimate the private appropriation of socially created wealth.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog July 23
Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Freeland speak with media. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Yves Engler | Before becoming prime minister, Justin Trudeau promised to re-engage with Iran. His government has failed to do so and is beginning to echo the warmongers in Washington and Tel Aviv.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog July 19
Photo: JustLacrosse.com/Flickr
Yves Engler | The campaign to get the Iroquois Nationals to Israel is the latest example of Israel lobby groups' work to thwart those who associate the plight of First Nations and Palestinians.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog July 17
Chief of the Defence Staff Jonathan Vance. Photo: Gatis Dieziņš/Latvijas armija/Flickr
Yves Engler | The military goes to great lengths to shape coverage of its affairs and one should expect stories about Canada's mission in Mali to be influenced by the armed forces.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog July 6
Image: Flickr/alexxx-malev
Yves Engler | In response to Ukrainian Canadian Congress campaigning, two NDP MLAs recently convinced the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission to withdraw a brand of Russian vodka from its stores.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog July 3
Yves Engler | Claiming to be dialoguing with both sides is a cruel joke. The NDP should heed 200 well-known musicians, academics, trade unionists and party members' call to withdraw from Israel Parliamentary Group.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog June 29
RCAF Chinook helicopter on Parliament Hill. Photo: Jamie McCaffrey/Flickr
Yves Engler | A volatile leader in charge of a military behemoth prone to aggression has repeatedly attacked Canada and its prime minister in recent weeks. But the "defence" community has barely made a peep.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog June 27
Doug Ford speaks to a group. Photo: Doug Ford/Flickr
Yves Engler | In one of his first post-election moves Ford announced that he would seek to ban an annual Palestinian solidarity event. Ford will further link Israel campaigning and bigoted, right-wing politics.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog June 19
Image: larrylorca/Flickr
Yves Engler | More than 200 well-known musicians, academics, trade unionists, and NDP members are calling on the party's MPs to leave the Canada-Israel Interparliamentary Group.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog June 2
Israeli flags. Photo: bryan/Flickr
Yves Engler | A recent incident at a Toronto high school demonstrates the depravity of the pro-Israel lobby.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog May 25
U.S. President Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in in November 2017
Yves Engler | Only a narrow spectrum of opinion about Canadian foreign policy is permitted in the mainstream media, one that assumes this country's international aims are noble.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog May 22
Image: Radio Interativa/Flickr
Yves Engler | While they've made dozens of statements criticizing Venezuela, the Trudeau government seems to have remained silent on Rousseff’s ouster, Lula's imprisonment and persecution of the Brazilian left.