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Blog - Alberta Diary December 14
Welcome to Alberta? (Photo: Magalie L’Abbe, Creative Commons).
David J. Climenhaga | The suggestion in Canadian media that alienation felt by Western Canadians in general and Albertans in particular is vastly on the rise simply defies credulity.
Blog - Brent Patterson December 13
Photo by Rachel Small.
Brent Patterson | Council of Canadians chapters recently hosted rabble writer-activist Brent Patterson’s talk on climate breakdown and the movements challenging this existential threat.
Blog - Brent Patterson December 13
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. Photo: Wayne Polk/Flickr
Brent Patterson | With the NDP losing incumbents, down in fundraising, and its polling looking bleak, will it have the courage to turn to the example of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in the U.K.?
Blog - Pulpit and Politics December 13
Alex Neve, Amnesty International Canada. Dennis Gruending photo.
Dennis Gruending | Alex Neve of Amnesty International says 2018 has been a difficult year for human rights but courageous activists will never give up.
Blog - The Activist Toolkit Blog December 13
Agitate, Educate, Organize by Josh McPhee
Maya Bhullar | Veteran organizers south of the border share some lessons for working toward social change.
Blog - Council of Canadians' blog December 12
Rachel Small | At the same time as the Unist'ot'en people began a fight in BC courts against TransCanada's injunction, hundreds gathered in Toronto in solidarity to protest at TransCanada's office.
Blog -'s staff blog December 12
Kim Elliott | Wow! We couldn't believe it when we crunched our numbers and saw that you had taken us well over the top, making just over our $50,000 fundraising goal!
Blog - Alberta Diary December 12
UCP MLA Wayne Anderson (Photo: Facebook).
David J. Climenhaga | Wayne Anderson also helps ID the voices on that recording about Jeff "Kamikaze" Callaway's campaign role while former Wildrose boss Brian Jean calls for Quebec boycott.
Blog - Brent Patterson December 11
Brent Patterson | With a federal election fast approaching on October 21, 2019, political parties need to clearly articulate their plans to address the climate emergency.
Blog - David Suzuki December 11
David Suzuki | WHO and Lancet reports conclude that health gains from meeting Paris Agreement commitments would more than make up for the financial costs of global efforts to achieve those goals.
Blog - Brent Patterson December 11
Photo of Berta Cáceres via UN Environment/Wikimedia Commons
Brent Patterson | The number of human rights defenders and environmental activists killed around the world continues to grow as environmental crises and climate breakdown intensify.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 11
Alberta Opposition Leader Jason Kenney. Photo: Manning Centre c/o Jake Wright/Wikimedia Commons
David J. Climenhaga | If you had imagined the two Alberta legacy conservative parties to disappear once they were merged into the United Conservative Party, it appears you were mistaken.
Blog - The Views Expressed December 10
Photo: Coastal Elite
Barâa Arar | Statistics Canada’s recent report on hate crimes illustrates the increase in these racially motivated incidents. The challenge now is to develop an approach to combat this hatred.
Blog - The Views Expressed December 10
John Foster | Bitumen from the oilsands is costly to extract, upgrade, and refine, and difficult to clean up. These issues won't go away even if we build more pipelines in Canada.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 10
Prab Gill asking a question in Question Period … although not Thursday’s Question Period.
David J. Climenhaga | Calgary-Greenway MLA Prab Gill uses Question Period in the Legislature to ask if there's an investigation of misuse of PAC funds in the UPC leadership race.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 9
David J. Climenhaga | A political strategy that has long worked for the right -- forget about what your opponents have to say and rile up your base -- may be going mainstream. That’s probably bad news for Alberta.
Blog - The Views Expressed December 7
Ed Finn | Reading is important. It’s that simple. If you doubt it, ask the question: Could a country that had widely read Huckleberry Finn have taken Donald J. Trump seriously for a second?
Blog - Alberta Diary December 6
Prab Gill on the steps of the legislature back in the day (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).
David J. Climenhaga | "In my weakness I caved and agreed to quietly sit as an Independent," said former UCP MLA Prab Gill. No more!
Blog - Alberta Diary December 5
Placards "Put a price on carbon" and "Climate change is real," at the People's Climate March 2017. Photo: Edward Kimmel/Wikimedia Commons
David J. Climenhaga | The complaints of the yellow-jacketed protesters in France encompass the entire traditional left-wing indictment of the neoliberal austerity program the Canadian right advocates.
Blog - David Suzuki December 5
Image: Becker1999/Flickr
David Suzuki | Those who stand in the way of protecting people and other species from the consequences of climate change, especially those with the power to do something, are committing crimes against humanity.
Blog - Brent Patterson December 4
Twitter photo by Greta Thunberg.
Brent Patterson | The Sunrise Movement, Environnement Jeunesse, Skolstrejk för klimatet, Earth Strike, Extinction Rebellion, and Progressive International are taking action to avoid climate breakdown.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 4
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).
David J. Climenhaga | The per-barrel price of Alberta heavy oil rose more than 36 per cent between Friday and the close of trading Monday. Premier Rachel Notley made her announcement Sunday.
Blog - Pulpit and Politics December 4
Tony Clarke on zero carbon emissions. Dennis Gruending photo.
Dennis Gruending | Respected activist Tony Clarke has a new book mapping out how Canada can get to net carbon emissions of zero by 2040.
Blog - Activist Communiqué December 3
Memorial for Heather Heyer on 4th Street SE in Charlottesville, Virginia. Photo: AgnosticPreachersKid/Wikimedia Commons
Krystalline Kraus | On August 12, 2017, James Fields rammed his vehicle into a crowd of anti-alt-right demonstrators. Heather Heyer was in the crowd and died at the scene.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 2
Rachel Notley/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta will impose an 8.7-per-cent oil production cut to shrink gaping price differential, steely NDP premier says.
Blog - Brent Patterson December 2
Brent Patterson | December 3 marks the third anniversary of the in-service date of the controversial 300,000 barrel per day tar sands pipeline.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 2
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is braver than your average politician (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).
David J. Climenhaga | Fasten your seat belts. Alberta's premier will make history if she sets out a plan to deflate the Bitumen Bubble.
Blog - Brent Patterson December 1
Twitter photo by Mark O'Mahony
Brent Patterson | While the yellow vest movement can be seen simply as a revolt against a climate change-tax, it could more deeply signal a populist reaction to liberal democratic elitism.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 1
David J. Climenhaga | Increasing the pace of extraction to increase the supply is not a sound strategy.
Blog - Making Waves November 30
Makasa in front of Nestle sign. Photo: Emma Lui/Council of Canadians
Emma Lui | Makasa Looking Horse is a youth from Six Nations and a student at McMaster University. She led the organizing for the Putting a Stop to Nestlé events on November 24.