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Blog - Council of Canadians' blog March 28
Louise Beaudoin
Stuart Trew | Louise Beaudoin, former PQ culture and international relations minister, is asking why Canada and Quebec have given up trying to negotiate a broad cultural exemption in the Canada-EU trade agreement.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 28
The roundtable conversation begins.
Brent Patterson | About 85 people from at least 23 different countries came together for a 'Roundtable on water as a human right and a commons' at the World Social Forum in Tunisia.
Blog - The Mainlander March 27
Maria Wallstam and Nathan Crompton | At noon on Friday March, 22nd, Homeless Dave began a hunger strike in support of housing rights and social justice in the Downtown Eastside.
Blog - Feminist Current March 27
Meghan Murphy | The facts show that legalizing prostitution has been a failure. It's time to look towards the Nordic model
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog March 27
Nobody's accusing Adrian Dix of planning Chavez-like policies. That's a shame.
Derrick O'Keefe | The mainstream media and corporate elite appear to be much less alarmed about the prospect of a B.C. NDP win than in the past.
Blog - Dented Blue Mercedes March 27
Mercedes Allen | The growing discontent with the Office of Religious Freedom parallels an increased dissatisfaction among the religious far-right with the Harper government over policy.
Blog - Eva Bartlett In Gaza March 27
Photo: Emad Badwan/IPS
Eva Bartlett | An initiative by Palestinians in Gaza and international solidarity activists, Gaza's Ark is "a vessel that embodies hope that the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip can soon live in peace."
Blog - Alberta Diary March 27
Campus Alberta Logo
David J. Climenhaga | Like sensible officials everywhere, university officials will refuse to co-operate, drag their feet and argue publicly with the government’s misconceived plan – until the nuisance goes away.
Blog - David Suzuki March 27
David Suzuki | Canada's future depends on energy policy. It's time we started having a real discussion about it.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 26
Brent Patterson | The Blue Planet Project and the Council of Canadians joined today’s three-hour march through the city.
Blog - Activist Communiqué March 26
Krystalline Kraus | Action Alert: Thursday March 28, 2013, 8:30AM RBC headquarters
Blog - Daniel Tseghay's blog March 26
Daniel Tseghay | The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives published a new report today titled "Canada's Carbon Liabilities: The Implications of Stranded Fossil Fuel Assets for Financial Markets and Pension Funds."
Blog - Hill Dispatches March 26
Karl Nerenberg | There is dissension in the Harper Conservative ranks. Social conservatives want to speak out, but the Party leadership is trying to silence them.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 26
Brent Patterson | It's 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning here in Tunisia and we're getting ready for the major march this afternoon that will officially launch the World Social Forum.
Blog - Campus Notes March 26
Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid | On March 21, the York Federation of Students voted overwhelmingly in favour of a resolution to endorse the Global Campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israeli apartheid.
Blog - Progressive Economics Forum March 26
Photo: zpeckler/Flickr
Marc Lee | Divestment from fossil fuels is an idea whose time has come. A new study looks at the implications of unburnable carbon for the Canadian fossil fuel industry, and financial markets and pension funds.
Blog - Activist Communiqué March 26
Krystalline Kraus | It began with a vision. For those unfamiliar with First Nations spirituality, there is a recurring, ancient understanding of the power of visions.
Blog - Council of Canadians' blog March 26
Photo: greensefa/Flickr
Stuart Trew | The Council of Canadians is asking why Canada would kowtow to the U.S. or EU on this issue considering how much global opposition there is to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 26
Blue Planet Project water campaigner Meera Karunananthan introduces the day.
Brent Patterson | More than 80 people from around the world gathered for a 'Water Justice Day' forum at the Université de Tunis in advance of the World Social Forum.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 26
Carol Off
David J. Climenhaga | If the Sun News Network and commentator Ezra Levant are now rewarded for their glib and evasive apologies, they will be further empowered.
Blog - The Mainlander March 25
Nathan Crompton | This past week newspapers reported on Vancouver’s high number of empty condos.
Blog - Hill Dispatches March 25
Karl Nerenberg | Will the day ever come when the Prime Minister considers the extraordinary efforts of these young people to be at least as important as a cuddly panda bear?
Blog - Progressive Economics Forum March 25
Angella MacEwen | The Nova Scotia provincial government is set to introduce its promised balanced budget this year. The Nova Scotia Alternative Budget proposes some concrete choices rooted in Nova Scotia communities.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 25
Brent Patterson | We've just arrived in Tunis along with many others from around the world who are gathering here for the World Social Forum.
Blog - Jessica Bell's blog March 25
Jessica Bell | At this year's awesome George Brown College Labour Fair Conference, I shared five things I wish I knew when I first became politically active ten years earlier. Here they are.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog March 25
Derrick O'Keefe | The Journey of Nishiyuu arrives in Ottawa today -- the completion of an epic journey of Indigenous youth that started in the community of Whapmagoostui on Hudson Bay in northern Quebec.
Blog - Elizabeth May March 25
Photo: tofuart/Flickr
Elizabeth May | There is a distinct change of tone in the 2013 budget. It is a matter of tone more than substance, but the jackboot style of Budget 2012 has been replaced with a kinder, gentler message.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog March 25
Photo: Christus Vincit/Flickr
Gerry Caplan | Despite the apparently exhaustive coverage of the Vatican and its new pope, four fascinating matters remain hanging in the air, some raised, all unresolved.
Blog - Voices North March 25
George Lessard | The skyline of downtown Yellowknife is literally changing as we speak. The steel frame is going up on the new GNWT building.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 24
David J. Climenhaga | If there was confusion on Tom Flanagan's part, it was likely because of the hubris of Professorial Mentality Syndrome (PMS) not because of the addling effects of old age.