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Blog - Free Expression Watch March 24
Canadian Journalists for Free Expression | Ontario Court of Appeal decision undermines public interest reporting and the protection of sources
Blog -'s staff blog March 23
John M. Kirk | When US president Obama and Cuban president Castro agreed to reopen diplomatic relations between their two countries, the future suddenly seemed positive. But then Trump got elected. What now?
Blog - Campus Notes March 23
various | Free Justin Brake now.
Blog - Pembina Institute March 23
Image: Stephen Hui
Stephen Hui | Squamish's example shows that clean growth isn't just for urban centres. There are plenty of opportunities for logging and mining towns in transition to lead Canada's shift to a clean economy.
Blog - The Views Expressed March 23
Image: PMO/Adam Scotti
Russell Diabo | Despite the charming style of Prime Minister Trudeau and the apparent kindness of his Cabinet ministers, Russ Diabo advises First Nations to look for substantive changes in federal policy and law.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 23
Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall
David J. Climenhaga | What will those Alberta politicians who insist sales-tax-raising Brad Wall of Saskatchewan is Western Canada’s “real leader” say now?
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog March 23
Stop the Tar Sands - Ottawa Action
Yves Engler | Found in a wealthy, heavy emitting country, the tar sands are a carbon bomb that needs to be defused.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 22
At right, Calgary-Fish Creek PC MLA Richard Gotfried (from his Facebook page).
David J. Climenhaga | There is part of a long tradition in Alberta politics of dubious Russian political metaphors. PC MLA Richard Gotfried is the latest politician to yield to this temptation.
Blog - A change is gonna come March 22
Water bottles
Doreen Nicoll | Water is a human right. It should never be commodified. It must be held in trust for the public good.
Blog - David Suzuki March 22
"I don't believe in Global Warming" on a wall. Climate change denial by Banksy
David Suzuki | In this "post-truth" era of infinite information, it's difficult to get a good grasp on many subjects, let alone one as complex and massive as global warming.
Blog - Pembina Institute March 21
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Karen Tam Wu | An open letter to the mayor and council of the city of Richmond in British Columbia.
Blog - Hill Dispatches March 21
Photo: CPAWS, hunter from Fort McPherson on Peel River (public domain)
Karl Nerenberg | Yukon First Nations took the territorial government to court over its betrayal of a commitment to protect the Peel watershed. The case will establish a precedent for many other Indigenous groups.
Blog - Independent Jewish Voices Canada March 21
Michelle Weinroth | On the 70th anniversary year of the UN Partition Plan for Palestine, Michelle Weinroth looks past the myths to expose the truth behind this patently unjust deal for the Palestinians.
Blog - The Activist Toolkit Blog March 21
Maya Bhullar | Advice from an arts educator, a school teacher, a youth and an artist.
Blog - The Views Expressed March 20
Image: Flickr/Premier of Alberta
Nick Falvo | This year's inaugural effort has resulted in a relatively short document that seeks to lay the foundation for what future Alberta budgets might look like.
Blog - Campus Notes March 20
Image: Copyright-free from Pexels
Alana Cattapan | Job-seeking academics have come to think that the elusive tenure-track position is worth any amount of sacrifice. And institutions are exploiting this desire to the hilt.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 19
David J. Climenhaga | Kenney won leadership in the first ballot on Saturday. His victory will push the provincial party even further to the right.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 18
David J. Climenhaga | Kenney's pending victory as Alberta PC leader another attempt on Manning's part to Unite the Right in Wild Rose Country.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog March 17
Image: Twitter/AlthiaRaj
Yves Engler | At the party's first leadership debate last weekend there wasn't a single foreign policy question despite a host of contentious recent party positions on international affairs
Blog - Alberta Diary March 17
Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci (David Climenhaga photo)
David J. Climenhaga | It was Budget Day in Alberta and the sense of relief in the halls of the Legislature was palpable, again.
Blog - On The Other Hand March 17
IAEA experts at Fukushima
Penney Kome | Japan's melted-down nuclear plants are the globe's most urgent and most intractable crisis.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog March 16
Gerry Caplan | Re-education is great and everything, but we should expect more from our judges.
Blog - Hill Dispatches March 16
Photo: Canadian Shield, by Karl Nerenberg
Karl Nerenberg | During the last election campaign, the Trudeau Liberals promised an ombudsperson to keep tabs on Canadian extractive industry companies operating abroad. They have not yet acted on that promise.
Blog - Liz Kessler's blog March 16
 Image: Wikimeida Commons/Michael Anderson
Liz Kessler | Kids with learning disabilities will be the first to suffer from larger classes.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 15
Wildrose Party Leader Brian Jean (David Climenhaga photo)
David J. Climenhaga | If Wildrose Leader Brian Jean fights for the leadership of a combined right-wing party in Alberta with Jason Kenney, could he win?
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog March 15
Image: OlestC/flickr
Yves Engler | One hundred years ago today a popular revolt ousted the Russian monarchy. Six thousand Canadian troops invaded in response.
Blog - David Suzuki March 15
  David Suzuki tests the green waters of the Hart River.
David Suzuki | On March 22, the Supreme Court of Canada will hear the Peel watershed case. A positive ruling could not only protect the Peel, but also the rights of First Nations in future land-use planning.
Blog - Pulpit and Politics March 14
Dennis Gruending | Just four of the 14 Conservative leadership candidates could be said to be fit for office. None of them are likely to win, however.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 14
Alberta Labour Minister Christina Gray at March 13, 2017, news conference (David Climenhaga photo)
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta's labour laws haven't been meaningfully updated since 1988, but the NDP government plans consultations before introducing needed changes.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog March 14
Image: Flickr/Joe Catron​
Yves Engler | "Charitable" JNF teaches children an exclusive, religious and ethnic nationalism while promoting war.