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Blog - On The Other Hand March 30
Wrist wrapped in a wrist brace
Penney Kome | A meme calling for the avoidance of self-scanners in stores highlights yet again how much the digital revolution has disrupted our understanding of jobs.
Blog - Cathy Crowe's blog March 29
Undercover photo taken showing crowding and inadequate conditions at the Better Living Centre, a winter respite site. Photo credit: Paul Salvatori
Cathy Crowe | This winter an unprecedented array of tactics were necessary just to achieve basic emergency shelter in Toronto.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 29
Protestors block the gates of the Kinder Morgan Richmond Terminal. Photo: Peg Hunter/flickr
David J. Climenhaga | Somebody has done some message testing and determined "the rule of law" is a good talking point to which Alberta audiences will respond favourably. The argument is fatuous.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog March 28
Yves Engler | It's dispiriting to see progressives echo a right-wing municipal party/dominant media campaign against curtailing car traffic through Montréal's mountain park.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 28
Crowd taking part in Salt Spring-Kinder Morgan action. Photo: Christina Marshall/Leadnow Canada/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | If protests in Burnaby continue to grow, and British Columbians continue to line up to be peacefully arrested, this is when Canadians will learn the real power of social license.
Blog - Ben Powless March 27
Ben Powless | Nine years ago, Mariano Abarca was killed for opposing a Canadian mining company. Now his family and supporters continue their fight for justice in Canada.
Blog - David Suzuki March 27
Chris Jordan’s (US) work “Gyre” depicts 2.4 million pieces of plastic, equal to the estimated number of pounds of plastic pollution that enter the world‘s oceans every hour. All of the plastic in his image was collected from the Pacific Ocean. Image: Ars Electronica/Flickr
David Suzuki | New research concludes the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is 16 times larger than previously estimated, with 79,000 tonnes of plastic churning through 1.6 million square kilometres of the North Pacific.
Blog - Progressive Economics Forum March 27
With Premier Rachel Notley looking on, Finance Minister Joe Ceci delivers his budget speech in the Alberta Legislature on March 22, 2018. Photo: Premier of Alberta/flickr
Nick Falvo | This year's status quo budget in Alberta is expected to help the province return to balance without any major tax changes.
Blog - Council of Canadians' blog March 26
Image: Catherine McKenna/Facebook
Andrea Harden-Donahue | Suggesting that new oil pipelines can help pay for the transition off of fossil fuels is akin to going on an all-poutine diet to lose weight.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog March 26
Image: onthedecline/Flickr
Gerry Caplan | People look back now and try to recollect where they were during the Rwandan genocide and why they didn't speak out. In a few years, they'll be asking themselves the same thing about Myanmar.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 26
David J. Climenhaga | By behaving like children in Parliament, the Conservatives have proved Opposition leader Andrew Scheer is no Stephen Harper, and indeed that he is not much of leader at all.
Blog - March 24
Thomas Woodley | The Liberal government's promise of more consultations on religious discrimination bring little solace to Canadian religious minorities facing systemic racism.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 23
Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).
David J. Climenhaga | If the NDP has added a new twist to the old PC prayer for higher oil prices, it's the suggestion things will get better when the Trans Mountain Pipeline is completed.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog March 23
Jewish Federations logo. Image: schriro123/flickr
Yves Engler | Taxpayers should tell political leaders they don't want to subsidize a wealthy country in the Middle East and the Canada Revenue Agency should be pushed to investigate Jewish Federation funding.
Blog - On The Other Hand March 22
Cambridge Analytica logo. Image: Thought Catalog/Flickr
Penney Kome | Facebook is just the latest and most sophisticated medium to sell our eyes and attention to advertisers. There's a new media saying that crops up over and over again, a variation on "buyer beware."
Blog - The Activist Toolkit Blog March 22
Image credit: From flickr by Albert Lozada
Maya Bhullar | Water across Canada needs to be safe and publicly provided. We must protect our all lakes and rivers and we must protect public goods. Water protection is a job we must take seriously.
Blog - Progressive Economics Forum March 22
Alberta legislature building. Photo: Hiroki Nakamura/Flickr
Nick Falvo | This year's AAB proposes policy that would improve labour market, health and education outcomes, while also addressing principles of reconciliation and reducing income inequality.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 22
Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci (Photo: David J. Climenhaga)
David J. Climenhaga | Irony alert! Albertans must brace themselves for a very Albertan response from B.C. to their claim a balanced budget depends on that pipeline to Vancouver. They won't like it.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 22
Alberta Legislature in Technicolor (Photo: David J. Climenhaga)
David J. Climenhaga | Today is Budget Day in Alberta, so we'll get to see the real thing from the NDP government. As for the Opposition United Conservative Party … nothing but crickets.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 21
Minister of Education David Eggen visits Calgary school. Photo: Premier of Alberta/flickr
David J. Climenhaga | Albertans are pretty unenthusiastic about the whole idea of giving public money to schools that charge tuition, an Environics poll done for the Alberta Teachers Association shows.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog March 21
Jagmeet Singh. Photo: United Steelworkers/flickr
Yves Engler | While the media makes much of the new NDP leader's ties or indifference to Sikh violence, they've ignored Singh's leadership of a party and community that has repeatedly backed Canadian aggression.
Blog - David Suzuki March 20
Image: Selena/Flickr
David Suzuki | Transportation accounts for about 14 per cent of global emissions and is now the largest source of CO2 emissions in the U.S., mostly from cars and trucks.
Blog - Reflections March 20
Protesters hold anti-Sisi signs. Photo: Alisdare Hickson/flickr
Ehab Lotayef | If 2011 saw a Facebook revolution that brought the downfall of one dictator, the 2018 internet elections can bring down another.
Blog - Policyfix March 20
Manitoba premier Brian Pallister. Photo: 2017 Canada Summer Games/flickr
Lynne Fernandez | Manitoba premier Brian Pallister's Trump-esque statement that budget 2018 was going to be the "best budget ever" has fallen a bit flat.
Blog - Progressive Economics Forum March 20
Street in Calgary. Photo: Brian Burke/flickr
Nick Falvo | Too few jobs, inadequate income assistance programs, major health challenges and a lack of subsidized child care all pose barriers to employment for persons experiencing homelessness.
Blog - Council of Canadians' blog March 19
Waterwalkers at the end of their 42 km march to the Teedon gravel pit on November 5. Image: Council of Canadians
Mark Calzavara | The world's purest groundwater is under threat again -- this time from a Dufferin Aggregates gravel pit in the Waverly Uplands, the recharge area for a pristine aquifer in Simcoe County, Ontario.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog March 18
Image: Flickr/teambates
Linda Leon | As part of her series on electoral reform in the Yukon, Linda Leon looks at Alternative Voting.
Blog - A change is gonna come March 16
Doreen Nicoll | There are several commonly known warning signs for intimate partner violence, and Pejcinovski's killer fit at least three of them.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 16
Alberta Legislature Building. Photo: IQRemix/flickr
David J. Climenhaga | While the motion reflects preponderance of opinion in Alberta, it is troubling nonetheless there was not a single voice of principled dissent in the Legislature.
Blog - On The Other Hand March 15
Koeye River Mouth, British Columbia. Image: Sam Beebe/Wikimedia Commons
Penney Kome | Canada puts up $1.3 billion to protect wilderness and environment.