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Blog - Indigenous Nationhood March 15
Tina Fontaine. Image via Facebook.
Pamela Palmater | Tina Fontaine did not kill herself. Tina died because federal, provincial and state agencies charged with keeping her safe, all failed to protect her. And for that, Canada should stand trial.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 15
November 1988 federal election rally in Calgary. Front row: Mayor Ralph Klein, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Premier Don Getty. Photo: Government of Alberta/flickr
David J. Climenhaga | It's 2018 and we're starting to get a clearer impression of the true meaning of free trade with the United States. Thanks a load, Brian Mulroney!
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog March 14
Canadian War Museum. Image: Balcer~commonswiki/Wikimedia Commons
Yves Engler | An exhibit at the Canadian War Museum highlights a little discussed arm of the military’s massive propaganda apparatus.
Blog - David Suzuki March 13
Cape Town, South Africa. Image: Bobby Bradley/Flickr
David Suzuki | World Water Day on March 22 reminds us that as the human population continues to grow, putting greater demand on all resources, and as climate change exacerbates drought, we can't be complacent.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 12
Kinder Morgan Richmond Terminal. Photo: Peg Hunter/flickr
David J. Climenhaga | I'm no constitutional lawyer, but I was an agriculture reporter for many years, so I recognize the smell of manure. I'll bet B.C. Premier John Horgan does too.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 11
Doug Ford in 2014
David J. Climenhaga | Even from a progressive perspective, Canadian political discourse needs a conservative alternative. It doesn't need a dangerous clown like Doug Ford.
Blog - Common Frontiers March 10
Nicolás Maduro. Photo: OEA - OAS/flickr
Raul Burbano | We urge the United States and Canadian governments to immediately remove their illegal sanctions against Venezuela and to support efforts at mediation.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog March 10
Shaw convention centre in Ottawa. Photo: Jennifer Tweedie/flickr
Yves Engler | Why, when the Palestine Resolution was endorsed unanimously by the NDP youth convention and by over 25 riding associations, did the powers that be not want it even discussed?
Blog - Pulpit and Politics March 9
Bill Morneau. Photo: International Monetary Fund/flickr
Dennis Gruending | The Liberals are promising pharmacare but not a universal program. Let's look to the wisdom of medicare founders T.C. Douglas and Emmett Hall on how to proceed.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 9
Premier Rachel Notley speaks with well wishers in the Alberta Legislature Rotunda yesterday after her government’s Speech from the Throne. (Photo: David J. Climenhaga.)
David J. Climenhaga | We can expect former Alberta Peter Lougheed's name to be invoked more than once by the NDP in the lead-up to the general election expected in the spring of 2019.
Blog - Child Care Canada Now March 8
Winter playground. Image: Benson Kua/Wikimedia Commons
Martha Friendly, Susan Prentice, Morna Ballantyne | Without the publicly funded child care now commonplace in many countries, Canada lacks this essential pillar of support for women's equality.
Blog - KAIROS Witness March 8
Yolanda Becerra Vega of the Organización Femenina Popular (OFP) in Colombia, KAIROS Women of Courage partner.
Rachel Warden | This year we are happy that it is finally acceptable (and even trendy) to be a feminist, but we urge Canadians and the Canadian government to fully embrace the challenge.
Blog - On The Other Hand March 8
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Penney Kome | If anti-gun wave "flips the house," new Democrat majority likely to impeach number 45.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 8
Andrea Horwath. Photo: Ontario NDP/flickr
David J. Climenhaga | We Albertans have already seen this movie and, no matter what the Opposition claims, the ending's still pretty good.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 8
Independent MLA Derek Fildebrandt (Photo: Screenshot of CBC’s broadcast of the news conference.)
David J. Climenhaga | Derek Fildebrandt thinks he's starring in a movie. He doesn't seem to realize it's a comedy, a dark one that's going direct to video.
Blog -'s staff blog March 7
Hand holding pencils.Image: Ryan Wiegert/flickr
rabble staff | Do you understand the power of media in making political and social change, and want to do something about the need for a powerful, alternative media voice in Canada? You may be our next Editor!
Blog - David Suzuki March 6
Protest sign. Image: Paul Graham Morris/Wikimedia Commons
David Suzuki | Community-led renewable energy projects provide a way for people to become active producers of energy rather than just passive ratepayers or consumers.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog March 6
CCF Caucus Meeting, 1942. M.J. Coldwell is the new leader after Woodsworth's death. Left to right, Tommy Douglas, George Castleden, Angus MacInnis, Coldwell, Clarie Gillis , Joe Noseworthy, Sandy Nicholoson, and Percy Wright. Image: Wikimedia Commons
Yves Engler | The suppression of the Palestine Resolution should stir internationalist minded party members to finally confront the NDP's anti-Palestinian legacy.
Blog - Progressive Economics Forum March 6
Canadian quarter. Photo: KMR Photography/flickr
Nick Falvo | The 2018 federal budget, while not as transformative as last year's, had important new initiatives related to housing and homelessness.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 6
Brian Jean, when he was still running for the leadership of the United Conservative Party in 2017. (Photo: David J. Climenhaga)
David J. Climenhaga | From the moment he was defeated by Jason Kenney in last year's race to lead the UCP, the writing was on the wall the former Wildrose leader's political career would soon be over.
Blog - A change is gonna come March 5
Image: Screenshot from "Water Warriors" trailer
Doreen Nicoll | Here are two movies that will shock, inspire and remind you why water is always an election issue.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 5
Jason Kenney. Photo: michael_swan/flickr
David J. Climenhaga | One thing very clear from Opposition Leader Jason Kenney's commentary is that he's not given up on the "war on drugs" strategy as the best way to reduce illegal drug use.
Blog - March 4
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes a statement in the House of Commons on the terrorist attack in Quebec City. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Thomas Woodley | Despite the hype a year ago, the M-103 Islamophobia report was met with indifference last month. But apathy is the last thing that we need in the face of growing Islamophobia in Canada.
Blog - Activist Communiqué March 3
Garssy Narrows. Photo: Howl Arts Collective/flickr
Krystalline Kraus | After decades of lobbying, both levels of government must own up to cleaning up the toxic water and soil of Grassy Narrows.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog March 2
Hal Stade, goalie of the Royal Canadian Navy Hockey Team, 1943. Photo: Jack G. Kempster. Canada. Department of National Defence. Library and Archives Canada, PA-106904 /flickr
Yves Engler | When the Maple Leafs honour the Royal Canadian Navy whose "interests and values" are we talking about?
Blog - A change is gonna come March 2
Women's Day march in NYC. Photo: J Carrier/UN Women/flickr
Doreen Nicoll | On March 8 recognize women's achievements; credit their contributions; acknowledge the value of their lived experience; and celebrate their individual and collective successes!
Blog - A change is gonna come March 1
Lake beach. Photo: Viv Lynch/flickr
Doreen Nicoll | Nagy wants Canadians to understand that, "renewable, clean water is not abundant in the populated areas of Canada. Our Great Lakes are not bathtubs that can be drained and shipped around the world."
Blog - Open Media's blog March 1
Marie Aspiazu | Just in time for the day of action to protest Bell coalition’s website blocking plan, our #DontCensor billboard went up in Toronto. Once again, this would have not been possible without you.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 28
Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Brent Patterson | The Council of Canadians had a first look at Budget 2018 tabled by Finance Minister Bill Morneau on February 27 and they didn't like what they saw. Here are their initial observations.
Blog - The Views Expressed February 28
Leaving Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Photo: Harry and Rowena Kennedy/Flickr
Ed Finn | Now in his 90s, writer Ed Finn shares an excerpt from his memoir, a look at his grandfather who died in 1937.