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Blog - Elizabeth May April 30
Photo: curtis morrison/Flickr
Elizabeth May | Goodness knows, I wish the NDP had put forward a motion I could have voted for. We need a good debate on climate and we need a strong call for government action. But, I couldn't vote for that motion.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 30
Allan Gregg
David J. Climenhaga | Former Tory pollster says Stephen Harper's government is guided by the belief "governments should be guided by what they believe is morally right, and not by reason and rational compromise."
Blog - The Mainlander April 30
The Social Housing Coalition BC | The news is in: the 100,000 people who are living in B.C. facing homelessness are not an election issue for the NDP or BC Liberals. The homeless do not have a party.
Blog - Hill Dispatches April 29
Karl Nerenberg | The government eliminated a provision that has allowed employers to pay guest workers 15 per cent less than the prevailing, median rate at which Canadians are paid.
Blog - Steven Shrybman's blog April 29
Photo: Travis S. / flickr
Steven Shrybman | Many will be aware of the U.S.-based campaign to stop Keystone XL pipeline for ecological reasons. But Canadians have another reason to oppose this grotesque sell-off of the nation's patrimony.
Blog - Council of Canadians' blog April 29
Angela Giles | This past Monday evening (on Mother Earth Day), NOFRAC launched the report, Out of Control: Nova Scotia's experience with fracking for shale gas, in the community it happened back in 2007-2008.
Blog - Council of Canadians' blog April 29
Stuart Trew | Canada does not need CETA. The agreement as proposed will trade away basic notions of democratic governance for very limited gains for a handful of Canadian export sectors.
Blog - Policy Note April 29
Photo: BC Gov Photos/Flickr
Marvin Shaffer | One can excuse politicians in the heat of a campaign of simplifying issues and seeking out tags and slags in lieu of substantive debate. But there is no excuse for columnists of major newspapers.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 29
Edmonton Remand Centre Picket Line, April 27, 2013
David J. Climenhaga | More RCMP officers are heading from Saskatchewan to man Alberta's jails -- a plan that's certain to cost us a supposedly scarce Bitumen Buck or two!
Blog - Elizabeth May April 28
Photo: World Development Movement/Flickr
Elizabeth May | How long will we tolerate having our highest-ranking Canadian officials embarrass internationally by attacking the most courageous of scientists?
Blog - Activist Communiqué April 28
Krystalline Kraus | This event is part of a day of programming and the 3rd installment of The Silence is broken: Now What?
Blog - John Bonnar's April 28
John Bonnar | Larry Sefton Park was cordoned off using crime-scene tape. The words ‘Police Line Do Not Cross’ had been replaced with hundreds of x-ray photos of broken hands, shoulders, arms, ribs and legs.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 28
Tom Lukaszuk
David J. Climenhaga | The latest mishandled crisis in Alberta's jails adds to the sense the Redford Government is not capable of handing the complex task of running a province as rich and large as Alberta.
Blog - Making Waves April 27
Emma Lui | Maude Barlow put forward a vision of the Great Lakes that protects a community's right to say 'no' to projects harmful to water sources and incorporates community input into decision-making.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog April 27
Roger Annis | Postmedia columnist Christie Blatchford has sparked intense anger following her column claiming an inebriated 15-year-old girl could "consent" to sex.
Blog - Elizabeth May April 26
Photo: Travis S. / flickr
Elizabeth May | As the pro-bitumen export crowd notices the gathering storm clouds over their Northern Gateway and Kinder-Morgan options, support is mobilizing for pipelines running east.
Blog - John Bennett's blog April 26
John Bennett | On behalf of Canadians, I would like to extend a full and sincere apology to Dr. James Hansen. He is owed an apology for recent derogatory remarks by Joe Oliver, the Minister of Natural Resources.
Blog - The Mainlander April 26
Claire Vulliamy | As the elections for three of the nine Board of Directors positions draw to a close at Vancity (today is the last day to vote), members will soon know who will hold the decision-making power.
Blog - The Mainlander April 26
Kim Hearty, Nicholas Ellan | On Monday, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson confirmed his support of the criminalization of dissent.
Blog - Film Festivals in Toronto (FFIT) April 26
Humberto DaSilva | The film "The Ghosts in Our Machine," directed by Liz Marshall, is a view of the animal rights issue through the lens of Toronto photographer Jo Anne McArthur.
Blog - Behind The Numbers April 26
Photo: Heather Hutchinson/Flickr
Simon Enoch, Erika Shaker | On the eve of the National Day of Mourning, it's important to address in very concrete terms why unions are so important. Because they save lives.
Blog - The works April 26
Lori Theresa Waller | A recap of the week's top labour stories. Bangladesh factory collapse kills hundreds; EI protests to kick off week of action for workers' rights; SK court ruling on Charter right to strike overturned.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog April 26
Beverly Bell and Alexis Erkert | As we mourn the deaths of nearly 200 people in yesterday’s garment factory collapse outside of Dhaka, Bangladesh, we publish this article about the very issue of garment labour exploitation.
Blog - Council of Canadians' blog April 26
Stuart Trew | The European Parliament's committee on the environment, public health and food safety debated the investment chapter and investor-state dispute settlement process in the Canada-EU free trade deal.
Blog - Brent Patterson April 26
Brent Patterson | The Council of Canadians is working with the Canadian Labour Congress and Common Causes to support lobby days and demonstrations against the Harper government's cutbacks to Employment Insurance.
Blog - Behind The Numbers April 26
Kate McInturff | There is a nice little story tucked into the pages of Canada's Economic Action Plan 2013. It's a sweet tale of Thomas and Colleen and their two children.
Blog - Hill Dispatches April 26
Karl Nerenberg | For the Conservatives, the gloves are off when it comes to Kevin Page, the very recently departed Parliamentary Budget Officer.
Blog - Feminist Current April 26
Meghan Murphy | Are the complex, and sometimes powerful, female characters in Game of Thrones enough to make the show a feminist one?
Blog - Alberta Diary April 26
David J. Climenhaga | It sounds very much as if Alberta's most anti-union construction companies demanded, and very nearly got, the chance to write their own governing legislation!
Blog - The Left Coast Post April 25
Public Safety Minister Vic Toews (Photo: Adrian Wyld / CP)
David P. Ball | The Canadian Civil Liberties Association warns that last night's passage of Bill S-7 is "very dangerous." The group's national security director Sukanya Pillay explains why.