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Blog - John Bonnar's December 10
John Bonnar | A new report by the CFS says rising tuition fees, heavy student debt loads and chronic provincial under funding are major obstacles for those wanting to further their education.
Blog - John Bonnar's December 9
John Bonnar | Taxpayers aren’t getting the best bang for their buck, according to the latest report from the Auditor General of Ontario.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog December 9
Derrick O'Keefe | The Peter MacKay resignation watch is now officially on in Ottawa. Or at least it should be.
Blog - Eric Mang's blog December 9
Eric Mang | We don't typically think of religion as having a place in electoral politics. But religion is a powerful predictor of political preference.
Blog - John Bonnar's December 9
John Bonnar | Decades of social policy by different levels of government in Canada have kept people in poverty, making it nearly impossible to escape a life dependent on welfare, according to a new report.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog December 9
Alison Hamm | It's one of the largest petitions in history -- and the biggest climate-related petition ever delivered.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog December 9
Lindsay Beyerstein | Ashley Ellis weighed just 87 pounds when she reported to the Northwest State Correctional Facility in Vermont to serve a 30-day sentence for “careless and negligent operation of a motor vehicle.”
Blog - AHRC Dignitas December 9
Marc Gionet | Last night the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission hosted a panel discussion on pay equity issues in New Brunswick.
Blog - Judy Rebick's Blog December 9
Judy Rebick | Evo Morales and the MAS have won an overwhelming electoral victory in Bolivia. After four years of transformational change and a battle against a sometime violent Right, the victory is extraordinary.
Blog - John Bonnar's December 9
John Bonnar | A sombre memorial vigil marked by both song and silence commemorated three more homeless deaths in Toronto during the monthly vigil held Tuesday outside the Church of the Holy Trinity.
Blog - StopWar Blog December 9
Dave Markland | Residents of Laghman province say that a NATO airstrike killed up to 15 civilians.
Blog - StopWar Blog December 8
Dave Markland | Robert Fisk writes on some uncanny parallels between the current war and the disastrous Russian war of the 80s.
Blog - Murray Dobbin's blog December 8
Murray Dobbin | Stephen Harper is clearly not moved by Canada's rapidly decaying reputation regarding its appalling position of climate change.
Blog - Joshua Kahn Russell's blog December 8
Joshua Kahn Russell | Well it was opening day of the madness that is COP15: the meeting of the UNFCCC that is supposedly going to decide the fate of the entire world.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog December 8
Zach Carter | President Barack Obama invited leading economic thinkers to a job creation summit on Thursday to help combat the worst unemployment crisis in decades.
Blog - Diana Bronson's blog December 8
Diana Bronson | Over the weekend I found the time to take my 10-year-old daughter and two of her friends to see A Christmas Carol. The play was great but Scrooge kept reminding me of Stephen Harper.
Blog - Word of the Rings December 8
Pina Belperio | While VANOC, the organizing committee maintains that they are going to deliver the "greenest games ever," Whistler residents are not buying it.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog December 7
Alison Hamm | Over 15,000 people from 192 countries began to work towards an international climate deal today in Copenhagen.
Blog - Campus Notes December 7
Carlye Cunniff | The UBC student body has voted down a motion to include a disability representative on the council, enraging students concerned with the rights and visibility of marginalized groups on campus.
Blog - John Bonnar's December 7
John Bonnar | Dozens of protesters holding signs demanding freedom for Iranian students and political prisoners marked National Students Day in Iran with a solidarity rally Saturday.
Blog - Murray Dobbin's blog December 6
Murray Dobbin | The news out of Bolivia is nothing short of amazing. Evo Morales, the indigenous President and ally of Hugo Chavez, has begun to turn his country around in just 4 short years.
Blog - Sharon Fraser's Blog December 6
Sharon Fraser | In 1989, I was writing a feminist column for The Daily News in Halifax. As I read those columns 20 years later, I am disheartened to find that too much has not changed.
Blog - Josée Madéia December 6
Josée Madéia | Experiences from the 5th Conference of Youth and the last minute prep for COP-15.
Blog - Time for change December 6
Gary Shaul | I haven't seen an email from Obama about Afghanistan yet.
Blog - JYD's Blog December 6
JYD | They say, 'Women Won't Forget' on December 6th. But as a young, sex working, multiracial, bisexual, two-spirited, Aboriginal woman, I think that sometimes women DO forget a few things.
Blog - Judy Rebick's Blog December 6
Judy Rebick | Feminists in Montreal remember the massacre at Ecole Polytechnique discussing the killings as an act of terrorism.
Blog - John Bonnar's December 5
John Bonnar | Ensuring the future of the province’s creative economy will require a serious, well-planned and well-delivered investment in post-secondary education in Ontario, according to a new report.
Blog - Josée Madéia December 4
Josée Madéia | Compte-rendu de la journée avant le début de la conférence des jeunes.
Blog - Fred Wilson’s blog December 4
Fred Wilson | A week of one humiliation after another for the old maple leaf.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog December 4
Raquel Brown | The world series of climate change is just around the corner. Next week, global leaders will convene in Copenhagen to discuss how the world will address climate change.