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Blog - John Bennett's blog April 16
John Bennett | I want to alert you to the most recent attack on environmental protection and democracy in this country and share with you a letter I wrote to Gaetain Caron, Chair and CEO, National Energy Board.
Blog - Progressive Economics Forum April 16
Photo: bixentro/Flickr
Andrew Jackson | Margaret Thatcher broke decisively with the post-war Keynesian welfare state and ushered in the still-enduring age of neo-liberalism.
Blog - Vegan Challenge for Earth Week April 16
Meg Borthwick | After a winter of heavy stews, soups and roasts, I'm seriously ready for all things that are fresh, crunchy and colourful. With this in mind, I set off for my local grocery store, list in hand.
Blog - Bound but not gagged April 16
Kaitlin McNabb | The babble book lounge kicks off Earth Week with a recap of the Babble Book Club's final discussion of 'Straphanger' with special guest Eric Doherty.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 16
Thomas Lukaszuk
David J. Climenhaga | Bet on it there's more to Alberta docs' deal than meets the eye; Redford Government education cuts start to bite; Tory attack ad looks cheesy after Liver Foundation defends Justin Trudeau.
Blog - Hill Dispatches April 16
Karl Nerenberg | Justin Trudeau's first day as Liberal Leader in the House was inevitably a challenge for him. It was also a challenge for Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog April 16
Roger Annis | For Britain's one per cent, Margaret Thatcher was an icon. But her record was a cruel class war that has magnified inequalities and deepened Britain's economic uncertainties.
Blog - Feminist Current April 15
Meghan Murphy | Meghan Murphy addresses some of the ways in which The Toronto Star's Rosie DiManno misrepresents the feminist prostitution debates in a recent column
Blog -'s staff blog April 15
rabble staff | More than 2000 New Democratic activists spent the weekend at a policy convention in Montreal -- described as the largest policy convention for the party to date.
Blog - Bound but not gagged April 15
Kaitlin McNabb | Babble Book Club's newest selection is Things Fall Apart by acclaimed African novelist Chinua Achebe and the final discussion will be Friday, May 17 at 2 p.m. EST.
Blog - Daniel Wilson's blog April 15
Daniel Wilson | Notes from a speech to Carleton University's Institute of Political Economy on solidarity between Indigenous peoples and the labour movement.
Blog - Democracy Watch's blog April 15
Democracy Watch | Democracy Watch congratulates Justin Trudeau, and sets out detailed plan for democratic good government and corporate responsibility reforms
Blog - Elizabeth May April 15
Photo: Carlos Castillo / flickr
Elizabeth May | The rumours in Ottawa is that all our multilateral commitments are under review. I have heard well-connected folks express fear that we may withdraw from the United Nations Environment Programme.
Blog - Behind The Numbers April 15
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Marc Lee | Our economic development model is on a collision course with the urgent need for global climate action. Canada badly needs climate leadership to deflate the carbon bubble.
Blog - Council of Canadians' blog April 15
Stuart Trew | The United States Trade Representative (USTR) has released its annual list of global trade barriers -- policies in countries it wants changed or eliminated so U.S. firms can make more money.
Blog - Council of Canadians' blog April 15
Stuart Trew | The NDP has expanded its position on trade so that the party would not negotiate NAFTA- and FIPA-like investor-state dispute settlement processes into trade deals.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog April 15
Photo: Adam Scotti/Justin Trudeau/Flickr
Gerry Caplan | Heaven knows where the Liberal Party would be today were it not for Justin Trudeau. We now have the answers to three of the central questions at the heart of Canadian political life today.
Blog - Hill Dispatches April 15
Karl Nerenberg | Justin Trudeau is about being all things to all people. He is friend to rich and poor, alike. He is for the environment and Aboriginal people -- and for the Keystone XL pipeline.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 15
David J. Climenhaga | It is axiomatic that opponents of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government attack him now, strongly, consistently and continually, on his economic performance.
Blog - Nora Loreto's blog April 14
Nora Loreto | Why has the NDP chosen to attack socialism rather than attack capitalism?
Blog - John Bonnar's April 14
John Bonnar | Almost 200 people gathered in Toronto at the end of March to discuss the establishment and protection of labour laws in Canada and internationally and why unions matter in today’s global economy.
Blog - Enter Up Left April 13
hand poses
Holly Adams | More than 80 per cent of what is communicated is not in the words we use. Here are tips for reading and navigating the world of non-verbal communication.
Blog - Activist Communiqué April 13
Krystalline Kraus | It's about time have a real time discussion of what is at stake when that we define Decolonization and what needs to be taken into account in that naming process.
Blog - Activist Communiqué April 13
Krystalline Kraus | This was Elder Robinson’s second fast to protest the Harper government’s lack of meaningful dialogue with First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities across Turtle Island.
Blog -'s staff blog April 13
rabble staff | Fetch stories, not coffee as a rabble editorial intern! We're currently seeking editorial interns for summer 2013.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 13
Ezra Levant and Michael Coren
David J. Climenhaga | Not done in Canada, you say? Oh yes it is! If the recently dead political figure is someone on the left, one can say pretty much whatever one feels like.
Blog - Adventures in the eBook Game April 12
Cathi Bond | Life for a writer in the promotional machine and don't forget May 13, 6-8 p.m. at the Imperial Pub for the launch!
Blog - Daniel Tseghay's blog April 12
Daniel Tseghay | “The most common way people give up their power,” wrote Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, “is by thinking they don’t have any.”
Blog - The works April 12
Lori Theresa Waller | A recap of the week's top labour stories. RBC temp foreign worker backlash forces promise of reform; second major blow to EI recipients kicks in; teachers' extracurricular boycott ruled unlawful.
Blog - Vegan Challenge for Earth Week April 12
Anita Krajnc | Join in taking the Vegan Challenge during Earth Week from April 16-22!