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The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is an independent, non-partisan research institute concerned with issues of social and economic justice. Founded in 1980, the CCPA is one of Canada’s leading progressive voices in public policy debates.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
In cahoots
Jun 26, 2003

Perils of Deep Integration

They call it the Big Idea: Canada gives the U.S. a strong North American security perimeter and easier access to energy resources; in return, we get better access to U.S. markets. But yet another stu
In cahoots
Jun 16, 2003

Trade: When Worlds Collide

Government support for non-profit social services could be at risk despite assurances that social policies will not be compromised by international trade obligations. “The problem,” accordi
In cahoots
Jun 10, 2003

A Poor Time to be Poor

British Columbia’s “radical and unprecedented” new welfare rules will cause enormous hardship across the province. That’s the conclusion of the first comprehensive review of the p
In cahoots
Jun 9, 2003

Patents vs. Public Funding

Pharmaceutical companies will tell you they need extended patent protection — not just to protect profits but also to fund research to bring you better drugs. But a new study suggests that most
In cahoots
May 29, 2003

Recovering But Still Fragile

Manitoba cut spending in the mid-1990s to fell a fiscal deficit — and built a public services deficit in its place. Since then, services have improved somewhat, though some sectors remain alarmi


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