May 20, 2011
Photo: Ecstaticist/Flickr

Harper's renewed attack on the Canadian Wheat Board

Helen Forsey and Simon Enoch
Just one day after the federal election, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz made it clear the majority Conservative government will soon move to eliminate the Board's single-desk marketing function.
May 10, 2011

Canada's real electoral map: A surge for the left

Jesse McLaren
There has been a shift in consciousness. Looking at the NDP and the combined Tory/Liberal vote, a picture emerges of an eroding but concentrated corporate vote, and a surging NDP vote.
Apr 21, 2011

Ten ridings to watch: Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar

Melissa McDowell
Federal election 2011: The tiny local Green vote could play MP maker or breaker in this rural prairie riding now being contested by the Conservatives and the NDP.
Sep 8, 2010
Wollaston Lake open-pit uranium mines, Saskatchewan. Photo:Google Earth

Keepers of the Water: A wake-up call from the North

Rita Wong
Uranium is mined in Dene Nation territory in Saskatchewan, with results similar to the tar sands. It shows we can't talk about energy in Canada without considering water and water security.
Sep 2, 2010

Privatizing potash was a costly mistake

Erin Weir
The greatest tragedy in BHP Billiton's $38.6-billion bid for the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan is that the Government of Saskatchewan previously sold PCS for just $630 million.


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