Oct 5, 2013

Book: The Colonial Present

Kerry Coast argues in her new book that the colonial period has never ended for First Nations people in Canada. Kerry Coast is a journalist and activist on indigenous issues.
Apr 22, 2013

Retiring the policy

Daniel Wilson
In this blog, Daniel Wilson comments on a recent article in Policy magazine by Robin Sears, The AFN and the PM: Retiring the Missionaries.
Nov 19, 2012

Eyes wide shut: Chasing section 35 and ignoring the war

Pamela Palmater
Harper's aggressive actions since the Assembly of First Nations election more than proves his real agenda -- to once and for all eliminate the "Indian problem" -- and it's do or die time for us.
Aug 27, 2012

Land wars 2: Attack of the fringe

Pamela Palmater
What has got all the fringe right-wingers all abuzz recently? It is the Harper government's plans to divide up reserve lands into individual parcels of land (fee simple).
Jun 4, 2012

It's time to stand up and defend our people

Pamela Palmater
Time and again the Harper Conservative government denies Canada's role in our poverty, tries to sugarcoat the past and puts their assimilatory agenda on fast-forward.
Apr 4, 2012

Nothing can silence grassroots First Nations

Pamela Palmater
When I hear Indigenous people demanding that we all speak with one voice, I shiver at the thought of how we might unify ourselves into oblivion.
Book Review
Jul 5, 2010
Maple Leaf Rag

Maple Leaf Rag delivers rhymes and resistance

Vincent Tinguely
Kaie Kellough's Maple Leaf Rag is a rollicking guided tour of an "other" Canada, a black diasporic, jazzy-bluesy rumination on notions of place and identity.
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