Campus Activism

Mar 8, 2012
Ladies rock the activist toolkit

Constructing Change: Ain't I an activist?

Constructing change: the activist toolkit
Celebrate IWD in style with interviews from the Ottawa Vagina Monologues director and pro-choice tools from the Activist Toolkit.
Activist Toolkit

Cinema Politica

Cinema Politica brings free documentary screenings to a campus or a community near you
Activist Toolkit

Organize a pro-choice group

This guide will help you create a pro-choice group on your campus or in your community.
Feb 16, 2011

Students at U of T challenge administration

150 members of the University of Toronto met in late January to form a new decision-making body. The general assembly is made up of students, faculty, campus workers and teaching support staff.
Apr 22, 2010
Earth Day on campus

Earth Day on campus

Ryan Wallis
Earth Day has always been a opportunity for student activism, but it has yet to achieve its original goal of progressive environmental policy change.
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