Sep 15, 2013
Christopher Majka and Franke James

Franke James: Artist and activist extraordinaire!

Christopher Majka
Franke James is a Canadian political and artistic phenomenon. A wicked thorn in the side of Stephen Harper who would not acquiesce to having her work silenced and censored by the Harper government.
Jul 26, 2013
Speak out now at OpenMedia.org/DigitalFuture

Thousands speak out to shape our digital future

Awna Besan
Thousands of citizens are speaking out right now to shape the future of our Internet and help prevent radical new Internet censorship proposals in the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Mar 6, 2013

Jason Kenney's censorship problem

Nora Loreto
Right in time for Israeli Apartheid Week, Jason Kenney announces that he respects free speech -- except when it comes to Israel.


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