Sep 1, 2014

The Canada Revenue Agency doubles down

J. Baglow
A new document reveals that CRA auditors are testing progressive charities for political orthodoxy. By now, everybody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
May 9, 2012

Speak out for the environment and democracy on June 4

David Suzuki
Recent efforts by the federal government and its backers in media and industry front groups like Ethical Oil to demonize and silence legitimate organizations ignore the important role charities play.
May 9, 2012

Peter Kent, pants on fire!

John Bennett
This week Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent has made repeated allegations that environmental groups are “laundering money”. Peter Kent is a big fat liar!
Apr 5, 2012

After the attacks on environmental groups, who's next?

John Bennett
After months of frontline scrimmages and saber-rattling, and then the "radicals" rant by Joe Oliver, the troops came storming last Thursday. The war was officially declared with the federal budget.

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