Aug 8, 2016
The KAIROS Blanket Exercise

Spanish KAIROS Blanket Exercise connects colonial dots

Alfredo Barahona
If you ask Latin American expats what they know about Canada's TRC and residential schools, most will answer "not much." To address this KAIROS translated its powerful Blanket Exercise into Spanish.
Nov 20, 2015

Why is France emulating the U.S.?

Instead of making declarations of war, France needs to remember the Lafontaine fable about the ox and the frog, and re-examine its blind new alignment with American imperialism.
Book Review
Jul 16, 2015

The miseducation of Augie Merasty

Christine Smith (McFarlane)
At 86, Joseph (Augie) Merasty decided his story needed to be told: a firsthand account of the impact residential schools had on Indigenous children and how this experience shaped his life.
Book Review
Mar 20, 2014

'Clearing the Plains' confronts Canada's colonialism

Matthew Brett
Author James Daschuk discusses Canada's history of disease, deliberate starvation, ethnic cleansing, tar sands expansion, neglect of treaties and a legacy of colonialism of First Nations.
Nov 1, 2013

TransCanada: Building a nation we don't want

Maryam Adrangi
The idea of a nation-building project that connects the east and the west sounds like a bit of history repeating. In other words, it sounds like the Canadian Pacific Railway built in the late 1800s.
Jan 20, 2013

Live from the hole: Resistance to the colonial dungeon

Alex Hundert
After taking back 30 mins of their evening, prisoners at the Penetang Prison were attacked by guards + forced into lockdown. After a week of isolation, embedded journalist Alex Hundert reports back.
Oct 13, 2012

Thanksgiving and colonization

The F Word
The F Word takes a look at the North American holiday of Thanksgiving. Ariana Barer airs pieces that illuminate the historical and present-day contexts of Thanksgiving within a legacy of colonization.
Apr 4, 2012

Nothing can silence grassroots First Nations

Pamela Palmater
When I hear Indigenous people demanding that we all speak with one voice, I shiver at the thought of how we might unify ourselves into oblivion.


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